Easy Summer Beauty Ideas

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Summer’s coming and it’s time to rethink your beauty routine. But you don’t want to be completely ascetic when it comes to beauty. There’s sun protection and shine to worry about. If you want to make it more effortless though think multifunctional products that are all the rage today.

Summer Beauty Tips

Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun Summer 2015 collection ad campaign

Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun Summer 2015 Collection ad campaign

Blush & Lip Stick

The trendiest beauty product of the season is blush and lip stick. It’s easy and effortless as well as cheap. Get a fresh faced look by painting lips and cheeks and voila, your spring/summer look is all but ready.

SPF Bronzing Lotion

Eliminate the sunblock hassle with a bronzing lotion with broad spectrum protection. No muss, no fuss. The same goes for tinted moisturizers for face. Choose the ones that have sunblock and apply generously to entire face.

Hair Mist

Hair mist is a great way to wear perfume in summer heat. It is more airy and mystical. Try opting for lightweight tart aromas like citrus to avoid nauseating sweetness in suffocating weather. Tip: if you don’t want to drown in the aroma don’t spray the strands that are close to your face.

Sweat Tips

Perspiration is just part of life. It’s our body’s way of regulating its temperature and cool off when it’s scoldingly hot outside. There is no way to block perpiration but there is a way to sweat less and look fabulous in summer. First, ditch the coffee or opt for an iced latte. In terms of diet try to stay away from spices and really salty foods as these promote heavy sweating. In clothes opt for natural breathing fabrics and simple designs.

Summer can be very harsh on your hair if you don’t have a habit of wearing a hat. An SPF spray can help keep the UV damage to a minimum but there is also a way to create hairstyles without using heat.

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