Dedicated to… Freckle Lovers!

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Freckles appearing on your face are the first spring sign. Also there exists an opinion that freckles are lot of red-headed girls with fair complexion. Freckles appear with the first spring sun rays and accompany us for the whole summer. Thus if you’ve noticed some reddish spots on your skin, don’t despair, as freckles look really cute.

Freckles are the natural reaction of your skin to the UV- rays. In general, they appear on the skin of one’s face, hands, neck and the upper part of the back.

Dedicated to… Freckle Lovers!

But there are such people whose bodies are studded with freckles. The color of freckles can vary greatly: from golden to dark red.

‘Freckled’ History

So, a little from the freckle history…

Dedicated to… Freckle Lovers!

Earlier, up to the beginning of the 20th century freckled people were referred to the lower class. Ladies from the upper class tried to conceal hateful dark spots on their skin. They hid out from the UV-rays under umbrellas and veils, but if insidious UV left its track on their skin, they did its best to lighten them.

Dedicated to… Freckle Lovers!

But when the tan came into vogue, people reassessed their feelings about freckles. Freckles came forward! And then people who aren’t lucky enough to have these spots on their skin can go to a tattoo salon to draw some charming red spots, as freckles can make your look cute and attractive, setting sooo cheerful face…

Dedicated to… Freckle Lovers!

But no matter how lamentably it sounds, many girls try to get rid of freckles. They actively test various recommendations on how to get rid of freckles which often are very harmful for skin. Getting rid of freckles is a very hard task and there is no definite solution, thus the range of advice is quite big.
Before getting rid of your freckles, second thoughts are best! According to the researches, nearly 75 percent of men consider freckles very attractive and cute, so think twice.

Dedicated to… Freckle Lovers!

And generally speaking, the truth is that you should take yourself as you are!

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