Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

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Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

There are many beauty standards in the media that make us think we aren’t good looking enough. Some portray ideal women as Barbies, others say it’s okay to be the way you are as long as you love yourself. Let’s look at some of the beauty stereotypes now and try to change our views.

All models are beautiful…

Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

or fit or healthy. A beauty stereotype that model appearance is the top of beauty has ruined many girls’ lives. Being underweight is unhealthy, looking like a skeleton is unhealthy, models, especially catwalk ones are thin for a reason to emphasize the clothing rather than their curves.

All celebs are role-models

Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

In all that concerns fashion, appearance, and even life we many times refer to those people that are considered to be half Gods because they are oh so famous. But they are humans who also can make unhealthy choices, because they feel pressured to look ‘good’ whatever it means – skinnier, flatter, tanner. And they too may suffer from complexes about appearance, weight, skin, and other stuff.

Thinking that all celebs are beautiful and flawless is a mistake too, just take a look at their candid photos without all the makeup, fuss, and airbrushing.

Love yourself the way you are

Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

It’s a great slogan to live by. But if you are overweight you harm your health as much as if you were anorexic. Heart diseases and diabetes are just a fraction of the sad consequences from uncontrolled eating habits and junk food consumption. Loving yourself means keeping your body healthy, not sleek to hide behind the mop, but to maintain the ideal weight for your height and body type. If you can’t figure out your ideal weight consult dietitian.

Active lifestyle is the best lifestyle

Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

Yes, in order to stay fit we have to move, but do not let yourself get hectic about your life. In order for your body recover from stress and activities you need a good sound sleep and simple rest, which will return back your strength and energy.

Old means not beautiful

Crashing Beauty Stereotypes

A very bad and offensive beauty stereotype, which makes aging women feel self-conscious, hurt, and vulnerable. Aging is a natural process. Of course, most of us would prefer staying young and fresh until we die, but this is just impossible. The best thing you can do is love your body, feed it with healthy foods, and train it to stay toned and strong. Dove has made a great campaign last year picturing women at 50s, 60s, and 70s that would be too old to be in an anti-aging ad if it was some other company.

Hoped that we crashed some of the beauty stereotypes that made your life hard and sad. Understanding that beauty is different and all of us are beautiful in our own ways is the key to the great feeling of happiness.

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