Cosmetic Foot Surgery to Fit into Designer Heels

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Nowadays nearly seventy percent of Americans will experience some type of foot problem at some point in their lives. Earlier there was little that could be done cosmetically to improve foot imperfections. But today, most feet problems can be corrected by cosmetic foot surgery. The trend, inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, has led to more and more ladies having cosmetic foot surgery – often simply for appearance’s sake.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery to Fit into Designer Heels

The Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery in Studio City, California, provides an array of operations, among which is ‘Cinderella procedure’ – a preventive bunion correction that helps to make feet narrower. This type of cosmetic foot surgery involves making an incision and removing the bone from the outside toe. This should make wearing narrow-toed shoes more comfortable.

But it isn’t as simple and harmless as it seems! Rock Positano, D.P.M., director of the nonsurgical foot and ankle service warns that even a perfectly realized cosmetic foot surgery can cause problems.

The foot is a marvel of bioengineering,

he says.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery to Fit into Designer Heels

People don’t understand how complex it is… Our waiting room is full of women disabled by failed cosmetic surgery on feet, procedures done solely to improve the appearance of the foot or supposedly to help patients fit into fashionable shoes,

Positano says,

This trend is a very scary one.

But women still go “under the knife” and keep wearing high heels no matter what. A female Manhattan surgeon with a closet full of designer high heels explains that women feel “more sophisticated, sexier and 10 pounds slimmer in a soaring pair of high heel shoes”. That probably makes it worth the pain and danger! How do you think is it really?

Here is news video on the latest in cosmetic foot surgery for you whether to do it or not…

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