Clay is Your Beauty Healing Agent

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There is more and more information about the healing medicinal clays recently.

How to sort it out?

How to define the sort of the clay as it differs by the color?

How to know what color clay does well to you?


Clays do deserve true respect just because they have been used as an important medicinal and cosmetic tool for many centuries long. People always knew that clays don’t contain the bacteria! Moreover they absorb excess oil, dirt, and toxins from the skin while simultaneously exfoliating and improving skin circulation.

Clays were used for cosmetic purposes as well.

White Clay Mask

This was even the only remedy that helped when poisoning, epidemics, muscular pains and skin diseases as it has amazing characteristics like scrubbing, antiseptic, stimulating and anti-inflammatory.

Clay treatment is one of the oldest healing methods. Some scientists say that the clays generate the special biofield and keep all the necessary mineral salts and microelements that the human body needs.

Clays are also can be consumed internally as the curative agent against bacteria and toxins (absorbing effect).

There are also well known bleaching and fining clay qualities. That was the reason it was used in clothes and wool washing long ago.

Clay Top

Rush to the natural treatment methods has led us back to the clay treatment. Clays come in a variety of colors such as red, green, white, gray, and can range in texture from coarse and heavy to fine and fluffy.

The different colors of clays occur because of their natural mineral content.

Every clay color has its own use in medicine and cosmetics.

If you decided to test the clay, don’t hesitate!

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2 Responses to “Clay is Your Beauty Healing Agent”
  1. Nichole Says:

    oh, i know! blue clay masks are awesome! highly recommend!

  2. Ri Says:

    do the post about all teh color clays pl!

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