Celebrity Smile Tips: How to get Hollywood smile

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Celebrity Smile Tips: How to get Hollywood smile

Who doesn’t want a beautiful snow-white smile? And who knows how to maintain a Hollywood smile better than celebrities and their star-stylists? A straight row of white teeth can cut 10 years off your shoulder. You can work your way to celebrity smile with the whitening treatment, toothpaste and diet, as well as you can use makeup tips to avoid any yellow color in your smile.

Everyday hygiene is great. But can it really lead to celebrity shining smile? Not if you smoke and of course not if you are a coffee-lover. Tannin-rich products like coffee, tea, chocolate and red wine stains your teeth. But be even more careful when considering consuming those after your whitening treatment as they can cause stubborn stains.

To maintain your Hollywood smile after the whitening treatment longer (and it usually lasts for 12 months) avoid tannin-rich foods, drink plenty of water, eat raw fruit as they tend to cleanse teeth especially after lunch or dinner, no smoking of course and you can also use special products that polish and keep teeth white after the treatment. Strengthen your teeth consuming products that contain calcium like milk.

Now, how to avoid bringing up yellow color in your smile? Use the following tips to achieve celebrity smile:

Fake tan as the warmer your skin tone is the whiter your teeth will appear to be. Use caramel bronzer as an alternative to the fake tan, just apply on the highest points of your face.

Say ‘No’ to brown lipstick brown shades can make your teeth appear yellow. Instead choose bright colors as red or those with blue undertones.

Illuminate your teeth by applying opal or white cream illuminator on your Cupid bow, but stay away from any golden tints as they will bring out yellow in your teeth.

With these several simple tips you’ll have a celebrity smile white and beautiful. Discuss celebrity smiles with others

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