Bridesmaid’s Beauty Tips

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Bridesmaid's Beauty Tips

Bridesmaid’s mission is tough. Looking good and subtle especially in a dress the bride has chosen for you is hard. So every bridesmaid needs some help and tips on how to look your best without overshadowing the bride. Follow these tips to make your stressful mission easier and yet look great.


Bridesmaid's Beauty Tips

It is easier when the bride lets you wear what you want. Be modest and opt for subtle designs. Choose a dress that fits you well. Don’t forget about accessories like a necklace, headband or bracelet.

If the color and design are chosen by the bride try to make it work for you. If the color washes out your skin tone apply some light spray tan and wear bronzer and blush not to look too pale. Add some accessories to jazz up your outfit and make your personality shine through.

If the design doesn’t fit your figure use belt or ribbon to cinch your waist. Push up bra to make your bust look better. Shapewear can help you hide some unwanted bulges and figure flaws.


Bridesmaid's Beauty Tips

Loose beachy waves look great almost with any outfit. If you have discussed the hairdo with the bride try adding some flattering details to your updo. Hair clips, headbands, and various hair accessories if those are allowed can diversify your look.


Bridesmaid's Beauty Tips

If your makeup is on you go natural or subtle. Flatter your skin tone and cover the spots and blemishes with lightweight foundation. Accentuate your eyes and lips with just a bit of color using mascara and lip gloss. If you are after a more glamorous and complex look try not to overdo it.

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