Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

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Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

Speaking of work at the office the dress code comes to mind. But what about your beauty look? There are some beauty trends that are simply aren’t office-friendly. Some of them are too festive even for weekend wear not saying about the work. So in order to avoid remarks from the boss or wrong looks from people you work with from colleagues to clients and customers read about some beauty trends that you better not sport to work.

Evening Makeup

Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

This includes bold eyes and lips, smokey eyes, heavy eyeliner, falsies and shimmery eyeshadow. Evening makeup speaks for itself it can be worn in the evening for a night out, party or get together with friends. Some prefer sporting evening makeup during the day. I like it that way but it still doesn’t suit the office etiquette.


Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

Well, I don’t actually know a person who would sport glitter to work but saying just in case – do not wear it to the office. It is too festive for daily wear even. You can sport it on holidays, to the club, or costume-party though.

Eyeliner that doesn’t stay intact

Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

Sometimes you don’t have time to even have lunch or use the rest room while at work so if you are an eyeliner-girl there are a few rules on how to wear it right. First of all, get rid of smudgy eyeliners. Why? They smudge. That’s it. Opt for an eyeliner that will stay intact for a long period of time and requires no fix during work time. Learn how to use liquid eyeliner as it dries and stays longer than the pencil eyeliner. And, of course, no super wings for work.

High Messy Bun

Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

Some fashionista may appreciate your ‘runway’ look but work requires you to look tidy and neat. So all messy hairstyles are not quite suitable for the office.

Beauty Trends Not to Sport to Work

If you want to inject some chaos into your hairstyle without looking like you just got out of bed tease some hair at your crown to create volume and back comb them into a mid-rise bun leaving the volume at the front. It will look stylish, elegant and chic.

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