Beauty Secrets from around the World (Part II)

Learn how women from around the world keep their beauty and youth. We’ve sorted out the best beauty secrets from around the world for you to look your best without spending lots of time and tons of money.

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Well, we’ve already revealed some of the beauty secrets from around the world in the first part. Now it is time to share some others that are easy to DIY and aren’t money-losing. Women from France, Australia, Greece and other countries from around the world have shared their beauty secrets for you to try the best beauty remedies to keep beauty of your hair and youth of your skin.

Beauty Secret: Australia

Beauty Secrets from around the World (Part II)

Neck and hands are the first telltales of women’s age. Thus it is very important to take proper care of them and here the Australian beauty secret is right on the button. The secret of their gorgeous skin lies in…sunscreen. The Australians never go outdoors without putting a good sunscreen on the hands and neck beforehand. Thus opt for a sunscreen containing high SPF and never forget to apply it before going out.

Beauty Secret: France

Beauty Secrets from around the World (Part II)

We’ve already turned to French women for their amazing beauty secrets in the first part. But you know France has no bottom when it concerns fabulous and easy beauty remedies. That is why let me recommend you another French beauty secret that will make your hair glossy and nails strong. It is not for nothing that French women tend to eat cheese, nuts, garlic and onion. The matter is that all these foods contain vitamins essential for health of your hair and nails.

Beauty Secret: Colombia

Beauty Secrets from around the World (Part II)

Eager to find the good remedy to fix your weak nails? You’re getting warm! The Colombian women know how to strengthen nails. They recommend adding chopped clove of garlic to your base coat and apply it as a strengthening nail remedy once or twice a week.

Beauty Secret: Morocco

Beauty Secrets from around the World (Part II)

The secret of smooth skin of Moroccan woman lies in natural epilation recipe, to make which one will need honey, lemon juice and several pieces of natural fabric. Warm a bit of honey and add there several drops of lemon juice. Blend the mixture and let it cool a little bit. Then apply the mixture to the skin area requiring hair removal and stick there a piece of fabric. Fix carefully and then tear it off in the direction of hair growth.

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