Beauty rules: basic, old, new and breakable

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Beauty rules: basic, old, new and breakable
Beauty rules are made to make our lives easier. There are basic and new beauty rules, rules that became obsolete and as the beauty stillĀ  is a pretty relative matter some of the rules are breakable. This is a list of beauty rules: basic, old, new and breakable. Also lean what celebrities break beauty rules and still look gorgeous!

Let’s start with the basic beauty rules that every woman should follow.

Basic beauty rules

Healthy diet, clean water, exercise. Yes the basic rule of beauty tells us that we must eat healthy food and drinkĀ  clean water to nourish our cells and not overload our stomach with fatty foods. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit and exercise every day. This will not only keep your figure slim but also will improve your immune system and lower the risks of catching a cold.

Moisturize. Help your skin get additional moisture by using moisturizer. Besides the moisturizer applied before foundation will make your complexion smoother without pores showing off.

SPF. Make sure your moisturizer or foundation contain SPF to protect your skin from daily exposure to the sun and sunburns. Besides SPF protection prevents flaking and spotting.

Do not over blush. You may end up looking like a clown if you overdo with blushing. Blush is needed only to highlight your cheekbones.

Do not use beauty products after their expiry date. Expired cosmetic and beauty products are dangerous to use. The bacteria tend to affect the lip color products and old dried mascara can increase the chance of infections.

Old beauty rules

Some rules get old as the time goes by.

Redheads should not wear red lipstick. Oh, they totally should! Look at gorgeous Christina Hendricks and no further explanation needed. She looks beautiful with her red hair and 50’s Hollywood star look.

Beauty rules: basic, old, new and breakable

Do not use conditioner on oily hair. If you have oily hair it doesn’t mean your ends don’t need a conditioner. The oil concentrates on the scalp so the ends can be dry so use oil-free conditioners. This brings us to another old rule, see below.

Brush your hair 100 times a day. Wrong! Your hair needs brushing but if you do that too often hair can begin to break. Brush your hair several times a day to distribute the oil to the length and the ends.

Do not pluck above your eyebrows. You can bravely ditch this rule because if you have extra hair growing above the eyebrow line it is perfectly fine to get rid of them. This will make your eyebrow shape clearer.

New beauty rules

Be ‘It’ girl. Look at Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore. They wear their wavy hair loose. Tousled tresses are the new sexy now. Allow your hair air-dry with some anti-frizz gel and complete the look by wrapping a small section of ends around a medium curling iron for just a few seconds.

Beauty rules: basic, old, new and breakable
Let your roots show. An inch of your natural hair tone is not only ok to show, they serve as a highlight. It of course does not apply to a bleached blond with dark roots.

Tan before going out. The warm skin tone requires less makeup and makes you feel sexy and glowing.This trend is not only summer thing, now the tanning products allow you glow all year-round.

Try shorter, rounder nails. It is practical to wear shorter and rounder tips, paint them in dark tones and be fashionable.

Don’t overdo your lip makeup. Full lips are ‘in’ so many women try enhance their lips with much of lips color products. However, in order to enhance your lips avoid dark lip liners and opt for clear gloss or skin-colored creamy lipstick.

Breakable beauty rules

Blue eyeshadow is a no-no. Gucci Westman thinks otherwise. At a Revlon summer editor preview Westman introduced her Summer Suedes palette and advised to use blue as an eye liner or highlighter under the brow bone.

Your manicure and pedicure should match. Who said that? Try brighter pedicure and softer manicure. Mix them up.

Choosing your makeup to match your skin tone. This doesn’t always work as some women can be both warm and cool-toned so experiment, choose the colors that complement and enhance your skin, lip or eye color.

Smokey eyes are only for evening. Not at all. A bit subdued smokey eyes can easily be worn at day light.

Dark lipstick. The lipstick should match your skin tone…are you sure? Guess what? The dark lipstick’s back and not only for a cold season. All spring and summer celebrities rocked the dark lips, for instance Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba.

Beauty rules: basic, old, new and breakable
Beauty is relative, make your own rules and break the existing ones to enhance and accentuate your beauty. Not always what works for your favorite celebrity will work for you so don’t be afraid to experiment, look for something for yourself and alter the look you liked on someone and try it yourself.

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