Beauty Rituals: Bath

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Beauty Rituals: Bath

We all have our own beauty rituals. Bath is, however, a pretty universal one. Today we’ll tell you about the best ways to take bath and what products will help you nourish your skin while bathing and please your senses, make you relaxed and relieve stress.

Shea Butter

Beauty Rituals: Bath

Shea butter contained in many bath products is a great moisturizer. It doesn’t leave grease. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and used in sunblocks to reduce the UV damage on the skin.

Bath sea salts

Beauty Rituals: Bath

Bath sea salts with essential oils are great at nourishing your skin as well as providing relaxing effect. They help relieve stress and keep your skin beautiful.

Bath Bombs

Beauty Rituals: Bath

Bath bombs are not only fun but they also contain different oils and ingredients that help maintain your beauty. Lavender calms and provides peaceful sleep, while aloe vera soothes dry skin. Almond oil bath bombs nourish skin with Vitamin E, which makes your skin silky.

Mud baths

Beauty Rituals: Bath

Your bathroom is not the only place you can bathe. Mud baths are believed to revitalize and rejuvenate skin as well as nourish it with minerals. Mud baths are located in Israel, at Dead Sea and Florida and California, United States. You can also use Dead Sea mud masks that are sold as cosmetics. Those detox skin and hair, contain minerals, and reduce wrinkles.

Avoid burning incense in your bathroom very often. The sticks can contain gaseous pollutants so they will accumulate in poorly ventilated room. Also be careful when lighting candles as unwatched candles can start fire.

When buying bath products look up the ingredients and make sure they are organic as they will have a much better effect on your skin rather than synthetic ones.

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