Beauty pillars: nature, mind and body

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Beauty pillars: nature, mind and body

It’s considered that the question “What is beauty?” is difficult. In fact it is not and it has been answered long ago. Beauty is different and everyone has their own perception and idea of what is beautiful. But there are things that we all can agree upon. Like nature is beautiful. As well as mind and body must be in harmony so we were beautiful. Good things are beautiful. So let’s focus on these beauty pillars: nature, mind and body.


Beauty pillars: nature, mind and body

Nature is considered to make the most beautiful things. And it’s true. Humans came from nature as well as oceans and sunsets, forests and mountains. But if you’ve got a great body and beautiful face it doesn’t mean you’re beautiful yet. So what to do if nature didn’t give you the body of model and a face of nymph?

Grace, sharp mind, and smile can adorn your body. An aspiration for perfection is what makes us better and more beautiful. Exercise, eat healthy food and know what looks good on you. It depends on you how your face will look twenty years from now.


Beauty pillars: nature, mind and body

Smile, as nothing adorns you better than your smile. Smile makes us look friendlier, nice and this is what attracts people. Of course if you don’t feel like smiling you better not, because insincere smile repel people as it looks false and unnatural.

Think beautiful. If you think beautiful things and aspire to become a better person it will eventually show through and will reveal your inner glow. Make good things and don’t forget that perfection is what makes us better people and helps us develop and progress.

Get out to the natural sights. They give you an aesthetic pleasure and make you think about infinite things. But don’t forget to clean after yourself, nature is beautiful as it is. Preserve it.


Beauty pillars: nature, mind and body

There are many ways of making yourself look beautiful. Know your body. Choose clothes that fits you, develop your own style in which you will feel confident and beautiful. To some clothes seems unimportant in feeling beautiful but in fact if you feel gorgeous in that dress or suit it shows in you as your own special appeal. Even if you can’t afford the clothes from the latest designer collections you can still look beautiful and stylish. The style is in details.

Eat healthy food. Eating healthy is not that hard. Ditch all the foods that harm your silhouette and indulge on more healthy treats like fruit and low-fat yogurt. Eat fish, fresh veggies, dairy products and cut on potato, rice, sweets and bread. It doesn’t mean you can’t have those at all, it simply means you can’t have them every day.

Beauty pillars: nature, mind and body

Learn how to present yourself. Work on your posture, walk and behavior. Your back should be straight so you would look gorgeous in any dress or suit, your walk should be confident and graceful as it what attracts people. Your behavior should suit the occasion. People value modesty and a good conversation.

Don’t forget about hair, skin and nail care. Put emphasis on your hands as we do a lot of things with them and the skin goes bad quickly. Sometimes you won’t even need makeup and manicure if you have healthy hair, skin and nails. Everyday beauty routine is mandatory.

Ditch bad habits such as smoking, drinking and eating junk food. All these things don’t do any good to your figure or skin. Smoking gives you wrinkles, drinking deteriorates your health and junk food makes you well, overweight.

With these beauty pillars in mind you can not only become more beautiful but also better as a person.

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