Beach-Ready Beauty Tips

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Spring has finally come! And it surely means that summer is round the corner, and summer in its turn means opening of the hot beach season. And if you are not yet ready to steal the show with your toned body, and flawless skin, the following beach-ready beauty tips will help you to get into shape after all that easing of usual restrictions in winter.

Beach-Ready Beauty Tips

Beach-Ready Body Tips

Surely what can be more important than beautiful hot beach-ready body in summer?! Thus I’d like to start with beach-ready body tips. At first I suggest you to refuse dieting and moreover fasting, as it would be much more useful to go in for sport. Never mind you have no enough time to go to the gym as you can equally well work out at home.

1). Choose a set of exercises suitable for your body type and work out each other day.

2). Try to walk more and more as it would help to make your bottom fit and toned.

3). Keep your posture in shape

4). Drink more water, no less than 3 glasses a day.

5). And remember that the rule ‘Do not eat after 6 p.m.’ is still urgent.

Beach-ready Tan Tips

Throw away your self-tan and forget about sun rooms. Instead drink tomato or carrot juice in 3-4 hours before you go out, and enjoy even and beautiful tan.

Beach-ready Smooth Skin Tips

Beach-Ready Beauty Tips

And sure to be absolutely ready for the forthcoming beach season every girl should have enviable smooth skin with no telltale ‘bristling’ hair. Here you have several variants of getting rid of this hateful hair-covering: electric epilator, waxing, and shaving. I strongly recommend you to refuse the latest as shaving necessarily entails burrowing and bristling hairs. Epilator is set only for strong and brave women with low pain limit. Thus only waxing is left; it is relatively inexpensive and not-so-painful way of getting beach-ready smooth skin.

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