Beach Beauty Must Haves

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It’s summer soon. Time at the beach is a great way to relax and forget about everyday troubles. It’s important to keep beauty routine in check and make sure you have all the beach beauty must-haves in your beach bag. First and foremost it’s important to protect skin from the sun.

Beach Must Haves:

Beach Beauty Must Haves


This is a first thing that should go into the beach bag. It protects skin from UV damage hence reduces the chance of cancer. It must be re-applied after each contact with water. It also must be applied to all the body parts to make sure the skin is well protected. Do NOT go out in the sun without wearing a sunscreen.


It’s hard to open the eyes when the sun is blazing and reflecting in the water. Sunglasses do not only protect the eyes from damage but also reduce the wrinkling as wearing good sunglasses makes us squint less in the sun.

Beach Beauty Must Haves


A hat is not only a fashion accessory that can complete the beach outfit but it also will protect your head from the heat. It’s very important as the heat can generate a sunstroke disrupting your summer beach getaway.

Hair Lotion

Hair lotion applied to damp hair prior to the immersion into ocean will protect them from salt and other environmental factors that may adversely impact it.

Also take an umbrella with you to create shade and stay out of the heat and sun. It will also reduce the chance of a sunstroke.

Know you skin type and do not overstay in the sun for more than recommended for your skin type. Always use sunscreen for your skin type. Also make sure you sunbathe safely and stay out of the sun while it’s at its peak, from 10 am to 16 pm.

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