Are Tattoos Dangerous?

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People have always bedecked their bodies with various paintings. Nowadays these paintings are called tattoos. It’s a pretty ordinary everyday occurrence to see a man or a woman cover with this kind of drawings. Different people – different motivations – different tattoos.

There are some pros and cons you’d better know before you make a decision to have it.

Are Tattoos Dangerous?

Tattoo is a picture on the skin coming out by the inserting the color into the skin through the pinhole on its surface. This tattoo can not be washed out. It also can not be removed without the complications for the skin.

There are permanent and temporary tattoos that are done thanks to the chemically unstable dyes that are used when putting color. The unstable dye stuff fade with time and the tattoo vanishes from the skin. Today tattoos are applied by means of a special instrument that works just like a sewing machine. The procedure takes around 1 hour or longer depending on the tattoo size to be put to the skin and often attends little bleeding. The place of tattoo determines if the procedure is more or less painful.

So first of all, it’s worth mentioning that you traumatize the skin thus running the risk to harm your health. The main danger is that some tattoo “cosmetologists” use hardly sterile tools. As a result, it’s easy to carry the infection or microbes and provoke AIDS, hepatitis B, C, tetanus, T.B.

There was published a scientific research in American magazine “Medicine” that told that tattooed people risk to be infected with hepatitis C 9 times as much than not tattooed ones. Exactly this hepatitis is caught by the 33% of American population with tattoos comparing with 3.5% people without these special skin drawings.

Moreover, if you were not infected while tattooing, there is still a threat as the coloring matter (especially red and black) can cause an allergic reaction (reddening, swelling out and skin itch) or other complications like dermatitis.

The body changes with aging distorting the skin “painting” and its color. Besides the tattoo you can simply get bored so there’ll appear the problem of its removing.

Are Tattoos Dangerous?

But if your determination to succeed is strong enough and you’re ready to undergo everything to get it, find some prestigious or at least trustworthy tattoo salon so that you could be sure in the instruments sterility. Good pros must ask you about your health condition, explain the contraindications and make you aware of all the possible side affects. If the “expert” tries to avoid such talks, you’d better look for another one.

Resuming the above said, I only want to note that you need only 1 day spent to be tattooed, but the rest of your life you’ll have to be pointed by this picture or go through the painful removing process. I don’t even mention the financial costs. So, think more than twice if you are ready to risk.

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