Anti-age cleavage care

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It is a common fact that women usually neglect taking care of their neck skin. As a result we can easily determine women’s age by looking at her neck.

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Small wrinkles, horizontal lines and other little problems will reveal what the woman always wants to hide.

If you do not take care of your neck and décolleté skin properly it leads to dryness and a lack of elasticity. This premature aging process is also intensified by the use of harsh alkaline products such as soaps, which will contribute to excessive moisture loss and sensitivities.

Thus the assumption that you do not need to work on those areas is a great mistake. Do not finish the area you take care of at the chin. You need to take it much down!

The problem is that the neck muscle is not connected to a bone structure and is prone to lose its elasticity easily. It also contains very little fatty tissue and has less sebaceous glands than your face has. The lack of sebaceous glands makes this area very subject to dryness and wrinkle formation.

These are the reasons why this delicate area requires a special daily home care routine, and if you can afford it – a monthly professional in-salon treatment to maintain its natural firmness, prevent moisture loss and keep its natural youthful, smooth appearance.

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Décolleté area needs special attention either as it is too often exposed to the sun. The breast has no muscles, bands or sinews to support it. Only the large breast muscle running from the shoulder to the middle of the chest connects it to the bone structure, though it is not enough for good support.

Plenty of women do not think they need to take any care of their neck. They almost never use any moisturizers or scrubs, often applying harsh soaps.

Remember that your neck skin and décolleté area need the same care as your face. So when applying masks or creams try to apply them to those areas as well to prevent premature aging. And do it on the regular basis if you want to achieve the result. Single procedures will never help, only constant, regular care treatments can do marvels!

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  1. Vegetta Says:

    it’s very important u’ve written here about! my mom is the example for me concerning it!

  2. Catarine Says:

    Yeah… it’s so hard to take care of everything and not to forget something!

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