8 things that lead to blemishes and premature aging

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There are bad habits that emerge because of our laziness. Is it that hard to put on a layer of sunblock or remove makeup before going to bed? Not at all. All these things adversely affect our skin causing blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots. Read out 8 things that lead to belmishes premature aging guide and learn how to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.
8 things that lead to blemishes and premature aging

Excessive sun exposure. Tan may be cool and trendy in summer, but excessive sun exposure is a straight way to premature aging. Even if you are not sunbathing it is always a good idea to put on a layer of sunblock or use foundation containing SPF to protect your face and neck. Noon hours are highly dangerous for sunbathing so make sure you get your sun baths in the morning or evening.

Smoking. Yeah some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now, but smoking does adversely impact your skin making it dull and reducing its ability to repair the damage environment does to your skin. Besides when you inhale you get more chances to have premature lip wrinkles.

Alcohol. Alcohol in moderation may be is ok. But when consumed everyday may lead to premature aging. The skin vessels are enlarged by alcohol and lose their quality and tone when stay enlarged for a long period of time. This can cause a permanent redness and if your skin is prone to acne or rosacea alcohol can irritate and aggravate the condition. Besides alcohol makes water evaporate quickly and when your cells don’t get enough water…well you know, it gets old pretty quickly.

Squeezing pimples. Picking and squeezing pimples can not only produce scar tissue but also help spread bacteria. As a result your skin looks uneven and red with unflattering spots. Use topical treatment for your pimples and see a dermatologist to learn the cause for your regular pimples.

Not removing your makeup. Not removing your makeup before going to bed can ruin your complexion in the long run. Worn all day your makeup congregates at the pores and irritates the skin causing inflammation. When your face is pressed against the pillows mixed with the sweat it makes your makeup go deeper at the pores.

Overplucking. If you overpluck your facial hair it can lead to discoloration, scarring and ingrown hair. Do not overdo with plucking hair in one place. To eliminate ingrown hair mildly exfoliate your skin and use moisturizing cream or lotion.

Bad sleeping habits. Don’t sleep on your face. It makes your facial wrinkles appear deeper. If you really can’t ditch this habit use silk pillow cases and use anti-aging products. You may also tend to sit supporting your face with your hand. This also can cause wrinkles and besides your hands have many bacteria on them. So when pressed against the face the bacteria can cause inflammation and pimples.

Bad diet. Bad diet leads to bad metabolism and bad metabolism shows on your face. Pimples are the sign of chronic constipation.

Avoiding these 8 things that lead to blemishes and premature aging you postpone the age signs plus if you are aware of the proper skin care and use cosmetic products made specifically for your age and skin type then your skin will be beautiful for a long time.

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