7 things that make you look older

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You can look older earlier than you want or the nature has planned on you. And these are your bad habits that will influence a lot. If you don’t get rid of those your appearance will hardly be the best possible.

Don’t think that the list of harmful habits is strictly limited to smoking or long sunbathing. Your beauty and youth can be affected by activities which seem to bring no harm at all. You might not even realize what I’m taking about now.


1. Sunglasses and gloves

Always wear sunglasses, not only when it is summer time. When the sun is shining sunglasses are a must.

Choose bigger lenses as they can cover the most delicate around-the eye skin. For better protection apply makeup with SPF.

Gloves are important to protect hand skin from the sun and wind. If you ignore wearing them you welcome wrinkles and pigment spots.

2. Coctails and drinking straw

Drinking through a straw can look seductive but it causes the appearance of wrinkles around your lips. They are rather notable and can be hardly corrected. Smoking gives the same effect.

What can be done?

Give up smoking and drinking straws. And avoid eating all the time: in the cinema, in front of the TV or at the computer.

Apply special creams and lip balms in mornings and evenings. Besides, honey is as helpful.

3. Signals skin sends

For example, your cheeks are red though there are no obvious reasons for that. What it means? Your skin is weak and irritated!

Sometimes it is hereditary but in majority of cases the irritation is caused by stress and sun.

What to do?

Watch changes in your appearance carefully and try to understand what causes them. If they get worse consult the specialist.

4. Intensive scrubs

By scrubbing your skin more often that once a week you damage epidermis and thus weaken its protective functions.

This is followed by pimples, irritation, peeling, uneven suntan and other negative results.

Be careful with cosmetic products which contain fruit acids, especialy if you have sensitive skin. Choose products with middle-sized abrasives.

Immediately after exfoliation apply a good moisturizer.

If your skin is dry use moiterizers containging olive oil. For oily skin formulas with hyaluronic acid are good.

woman pouting

5. Facial expressions

Showing emotions with your face can be cute and very expressive but these result in appearance of wrinkles.

If you want to avoid those do the following:

▪ When talking on the phone stick adhesive tape across your forehead and between the brows. I know it sounds wild but is really helpful.

▪ Use creams containing retinol. It strengthens and smoothes the skin.

▪ Watch your facial expressions.

6. Rubbing nose

All your touch will lead to nothing good: reddening, pimples, skin stretching, etc.

It is very difficult to avoid those but you should. Try to do something each time you are on the point of touching your face.

This can be knitting while watching TV, reading while in transport,etc.

If you are allergic opt for the softest and the most delicate tissues.

7. Rubbing eyes

Rubbing your eyes can result in dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and stretched skin.

What to do?

▪ Apply under-eye corrector and mascara, this will stop you from rubbing eyes.

▪ Use masks for skin around eyes. They can be good prophilactic from wrinkles.

Consult a specialist about products that remove under-eye circles and lighten your skin.

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