5 Eyebrow Fixes You Need To Know

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Eyebrows are so underestimated sometimes. Serving as frames not only to your eyes but the entire face eyebrows must be paid a lot more attention. Overplucking, drawn on brows, and wrong shape can all affect your look instantly. That’s why it’s important to leave eyebrow grooming to a professional and maintain the shape very carefully in between the salon visits. Besides that there are a few makeup fixes you can use to keep your eyebrows looking perfect.

Eyebrow Fixes For Flawless Look

Highlighted eyebrows in eye makeup

Perfect highlighted eyebrows

Brow Gel or Wax

Brow products are booming right now thanks to the thick/natural eyebrow trend. Choose from the wide range of brands and products and swap a brow pencil for a tinted gel or wax that not only fills brows in a natural fashion but also keeps them from straying. Here’s an eyebrow hack for when you don’t have a wax or gel on hand. Spray a bit of hairspray onto a brush and comb your eyebrows a bit upwards for a groomed .

Filling In

Don’t trash your brow pencil yet. If you’ve overplucked your eyebrows it can help you fill in the bold spots like nothing else. Make sure that it’s one or two shades lighter than your brows and fill the eyebrows in using light strokes. You can use powder for even more natural effect instead.


Highlight your brow bone with a highliter pencil or light eyeshadow for a precise definition. Skip this tip if you have heavy eyelids otherwise it will only accentuate them.

Scissors vs. Tweezers

Sometimes it is easier to trim your eyebrows instead of just plucking and plucking. It is especially true if your eyebrow hair is long and plucking it only messes up the shape. Be wary of over-trimming as you can end up with really short unnatural hairs that tell all about your beauty routine.

Eyebrow Hair Color

Sometimes eyebrows can be just too dark or too light for your ever-changing hair color. Especially as we grow older our eyebrows may thin out and go grey as our hair. Be sure to keep your eyebrow color in harmony with your hair color even if you don’t dye them but fill them in with pencil or powder. If you are a blonde gone dark make sure to adjust your eyebrow color, the same goes for brunettes gone blonde.

The best solution to overplucked eyebrows though is time and patience. Let them grow out then go to the professional and have them properly groomed and shaped.


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