5 Awful Beauty Treatments of the Past

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In chase of beauty trends women are willing to do anything, neglecting very often their health. Here are 5 awful beauty treatments of the past women used in order to keep up with the fashion.

5 Awful Beauty Treatments of the Past

Dangerous Beauty

It is really scary and almost unbelievable that our ancestors did really use all those horrifying stuff to follow beauty trends of the past, but anyway they did! Here are some of the most awful ones:

Belladonna for Eyes

It was highly popular amongst Victorian women to dilute belladonna in water and then put drops in the eyes. It dilated pupils and made eyes brighter. I guess there is no need to mention how dangerous this procedure is for health.

Mouse Fur for Eyebrows

It is an open secret that fashion trends usually make a comeback, the same goes to beauty trends. Thick natural brows are ‘in’ now and were considered trendy back in 1700s. In order to keep up with fashion women of that time covered their eyebrows with, wait for it, patches of mouse fur to appear them thicker.

Mercury and Iodine for Paler Skin

From the Renaissance until 18th century extreme paleness was considered a sign of wealth. Women did their utmost to make skin paler and paler. The most popular methods on the way to paler skin were drinking iodine and applying mercury sublimates!

Quicklime to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Hair removal has been a sore point for women since ancient times. But the ways to get rid of unwanted hair have changed a lot. Thus, Italian women at the Renaissance used quicklime (or, in other words, calcium oxide) to remove hair. As a result, instead of hair women got their skin blistered and irritated for weeks.

Ceruse for Smooth Complexion

Ceruse is another beauty treatment women used to make their skin look smoother. The mixture of lead and vinegar was the most common foundation ingredient for hundreds of years. Lead poisoning must have been widespread too.

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