12 Tips of How to Prevent Varicosity.

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Beautiful Legs

Scientists have affirmed that varicosity is a wide spread problem of eight out of ten 25-30-aged women.

Having seen the bulging spot on your veins, don’t ignore it.  It’s high time you estimated the risk factors and consulted the phlebologist – specialist on venous system problems.

The causes for the varicosity are many: from your heredity to wrong dieting.

Here I want you to know 12 tips of how to prevent the risk of the varicosity.

1. Practice swimming! It’s the best prevention of the disease.

2. Make a point of lying on the bed with the pillow or a bolster under your ankles for about 15-20 minutes a day. It improves the blood circulation.

3. Don’t leave your legs in the bent sitting position for too long. Try to lei them on the chair or something available for you at the moment.

4. Refuse practicing the solarium as far as the ultraviolet rays burn the elasticity of the soft tissues and venous capillaries.

5. Form a habit to walk after a hard working day. Get your feet used to walking on the grass, warm water or beach sand.

Legs on the Grass
6. Forget about a hot bath or shower.

7. Change the tight clothes and footwear for something more comfortable and appropriate to you now. Wrong shoes, especially high heels, block the blood circulation.

8. Loose some weight. Imaging your leg saying: “It’s so hard to hold your weight, girl! Don’t gain it! Try to loose some of it!”

9. Stop lifting heavy thing! Are you a heavyweight lifter?

10. Arrange a cool fresh showering for your legs bottom-up.

11. Wear the anti-varicosity pantyhose. It supports the veins and lessens the tension perfectly.

12. Consult the phlebologist. He’ll find out the venous insufficiency degree and prescribe the special drugs for toning up the vessel walls and improving the capillary circulation.

Take care of your beautiful legs!

Prevention is better than cure!

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  1. Kristina Says:

    what could be better than healthy body and mind!

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