10 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

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Alright, New Year’s coming so it’s time to think about the beauty resolutions and most importantly how to stick with them. To make it work don’t be too hard on yourself and do not try to make everything from day one, but rather priortize things and introduce them gradually into your beauty regime.

10 New Year's Beauty Resolutions

Inspect Your Beauty Products

Expired beauty products can be hazardous. Bin them if you don’t remember when you bought them and don’t have packaging to tell you the expiration date. Also ditch the products you never or hardly use. They are not a good investment.

Shake Up Your Regimen

Spending too much time doing your hair or makeup? Not enough time? Shake up your regimen to give yourself reasonable amount of time to exfoliate, scrub, moisturize, pluck, etc. Also don’t over-exfoliate and overpluck your eyebrows. Simply find the rituals and treatments that work for you best and add those that you don’t do. For exaple, using SPF any time of the year is a necessary ritual that will protect your skin from UV damage.

10 New Year's Beauty Resolutions

Clean Those Brushes

Clean your brushes once a week. It’s not hard to do but it will surely keep your skin much healthier. Also organize your brushes and keep the once for powder and liquid products separately. Don’t forget to let them air dry before putting in a makeup bag or a drawer.

Ditch Bad Beauty Habits

This includes not only smoking and drinking but also picking pimples, not cleaning a cell phone, not changing pillow covers often enough. Cell phone has bacteria all over it so using special cleaning kit as often as possible just might make your face cleaner. Pillow covers should also be changed often to keep skin clean and pimple-free.

10 New Year's Beauty Resolutions

Commit To Your Hairstyle

Don’t leave your ends uncut for months and months. Make sure to get a trim at least every three months especially with the long hair. The split ends damage your har further and look unflattering. Got a new hair color? Touch up the roots once a month for a polished look. Also give your hair a rest every weekend by ditching all the styling tools and products.

Remove Your Makeup

Too tired to even remove your makeup? Keep makeup wipes at hand’s reach so that whenever you come home late you could quickly remove makeup before falling asleep. Do that to prevent breakouts, dull skin and bacteria build-up.

10 New Year's Beauty Resolutions

Choose The Right Products

Choosing the right products for our skin whether it’s makeup or cosmetics is crucial. First of all, choose the products that sooth your skin and don’t cause breakouts or allergies. Then choose the right foundation and finally the perfect shade of red lipstick. You can use expert tips or help at a beauty counter to choose all the right products.

Become More Active

Go to the gym or get a dance or yoga or Pilates class. Do something physical. Simply take walks around the building during lunch break at work or ditch elevator for stairs. Take a walk to the store if possible and rake leaves or clean snow yourself.

10 New Year's Beauty Resolutions

Eat Healthier Foods

Smoothies and shakes are a good addition to the diet but fresh veggetables and lean proteins will do your body even more good. Cut back on sugar especially in the frizzy drinks, sweets and junk food. Also make sure you drink that fresh water every day.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will do wonders to your skin and body. Just make sure to go to bed in time and get enough hours to let your body recover from stresses, physical and mental overload.

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