Ultimate Guide On Making Dark Lip Wearable

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Let’s be honest dark lipstick has been one of the biggest beauty trends in the last couple of years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So if you wanted to try that 90’s look back then but never actuially have, now is good time as any to give it a go. Since it’s pretty dramatic, there are a few ways to make it look good in real life.

Tips For Making Dark Lip Wearable

Dark lips

Berry lipstick with flesh toned eyeshadow and shimmer

Your (Life)style

There is always a time and a place for bold makeup. So you might want to keep your dark lipstick mostly for special occasions.Sure if your style allows it, you can pull it off any day, but what about your lifestyle? Do you work somewhere they have a dress (appearance) code? Or do you work at a beauty counter? If the latter is the case then you would have no problem sporting dark lip at your work in the middle of the day.

Make It Casual

While dressing up makes it easier to pull off something unusual in the makeup department you can still wear dark lips casually if you do it right. Just make sure your outfit matches your makeup in style and color palette.

Dark lips

Highlighed skin

Rest Of The Look

Speaking of palette, you should also figure out what the rest of your look will look like. If you can’t (or think you can’t) afford leaving eyes without makeup or with just mascara choose the right colors to complement your eyes as well as your lipstick. If you choose berry lipstick then silver, lavender, pink and brown eyeshadow colors will work well. Champagne, bronze, and brown will go perfectly with brown red lipstick.


  • As for application, remember that the thinner the lips the glossier the sheen. If you go for an undone, stained lips kinda look (which is great for casual mid-day look) you may not even need a lip liner, but if you want a glamorous pircture-perfect outline you better use one.
  • Using highlighter will give your skin the photoshop finish, which works best with dark lipstick.
  • To pull off the undone look, the lips should be perfectly smooth.
  • Also keep in mind, that a fading dark lipstick (if it’s fading inwards from the lip line) might make your lips appear thinner.

Dark lips Anna Selezneva

Dark makeup

Dark lips

All around glossy look

Stained lips

Stained lips

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