Summer Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

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Summer Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

So here is the last summer month so those who haven’t already should seriously think about a vacation. We are, meanwhile, sharing the list of must-have things that will make any vacation easy and help stay glam in any situation.

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves


Going to the seashore? Obviously sunscreen with good SPF filter should be in your beauty bag to help avoid burns and skin  damage from UV rays. Sunscreen is probably the only thing we would take with us to the beach as all the other makeup is pointless and will melt away in seconds. If you absolutely have to, wear a waterproof mascara.

Summer Vacation Beauty Must-Haves


Accessory and protection in one, the sunglasses will help protect eyes and the skin around from the blazing sun rays and hide a makeup-free face. Add a da of lipstick or gloss and you’re ready to go out.

Waterproof Mascara

This little wonder doesn’t take up much space in the makeup bag while making your eyes pop and it’s all you need during a vacation. Going some place glamorous? Take longwear lipstick or lip gloss that you trust and of a very flattering bold color. This will give you a perfect combination of bold lips and soft eyes.

Summer Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

A Bottle of Favorite Fragrance

A spritz of favorite summer fragrance will not only make you smell deliscious but also lift up your mood and a good mood is an essential part of the vacation.

Makeup Wipes

Removing your makeup in time is the key to keep the skin radiant. Don’t forget to take good makeup wipes to be able to remove makeup without hassle before going to sleep or taking a dive.

Summer Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Flattering Nail Polish

Nail polish of a flattering color that suits most of your vacation wardrobe is most definitely a must-have as it makes for a beautiful bold accent in the look while a good nude polish will help keep your nails always glam and well, polished.

Lightweight Styling Hair Product

Don’t forget to take something for the hair. It should be a trusted lightweight hair product that helps keep hair glam and just the way you like them. It can also help having a couple of decorative glamorous hair pins or clips to be able to easily create a summer updo.

What else is on your list of vacation beauty must-haves?

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