SPF Rules You Really Need To Know

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SPF is probably the only adequate way to protect one’s skin from the harmful UV rays that contribute to premature aging and skin cancer. SPF products are varied so you can choose anything that is convenient to use. But there are a few rules of SPF usage you really need to know to make the protection efficient and certain.

Need To Know: Rules for Using Sunscreen

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Slather on sunscreen before makeup

There Is No Season For Wearing Sunscreen

Sun is up there every day and season so it’s only logical that you need protection all day every day no matter if it’s cold outside, even if it’s snowing, the UVA/UVB rays are traveling through those clouds and can reach you anyway. It is also applied if you work indoors by the window or driving a car as the UV rays can penetrate glass.

Slather It On

Think your makeup with SPF can provide you with adequate protection? Think again. When applying makeup you don’t really put on an even layer of foundation/concealer/BB cream everywhere on your face including the neck, do you? Some areas are more covered than the others while some spots aren’t even touched by the product. To get adequate protection you need to slather the on and spread it evenly across your face and neck and ears as you would slather sunscreen on the rest of your body. Use regular color-correcting makeup after preping your skin with sunscreen. Avoid powders with SPF as they may contain toxic ingredients that should not be inhaled and invest in a good vitamin A and oxybenzone-free sunscreen that suits your skin.


Re-applying sunscreen is important. especially if you spend most of the day outdoors and even if you don’t swim and your sunscreen label reads ‘water-resistant’. As you sweat and touch your face the protection wears off or melts away so it’s best to always have a tube of sunscreen in your purse. Be sure to wash your hands before applying the stuff; ideally, wash your face too.

Protect Your Lips/Eyes/Hair

Protecting your skin is one thing but you should also protect your lips and eyes from harmful sun rays. Using lip balm with SPF and UV-protection sunglasses can help. Also if you avoid putting your sunscreen under your eyes you should have an eye cream with SPF. Protecting hair from sun is generally easy with specialized products but protecting yous sculp is impossible if you’re not wearing hats. Well, you could always invest in a fashionable summer umbrella.

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