Skin & Hair: Surviving Cold Season

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Cold seasons means weather changes but it also packs numerous holidays that may take toll on your skin and hair. Here we share a few thoughts on how to survive the cold season without drying out your skin and keep your look in check.

Skin & Hair Tips For Cold Season

Winter beauty

So while in summer your skin is constantly moisturized due to sweating in winter alas the heating burns through all the moisture in the air making it dry along with your skin and hair as does cold and wind. But that’s common knowledge and these issues can be solved with a pair of gloves and a tub of moisturizer. There are other things to watch out for during cold season though.


We’ve already had an incredibly sweet holiday Halloween yesterday and it marks the start of the holiday season with lots of not-so-healthy to down right bad foods that may lead to skin conditions like acne. So be sure not to consume too much sweets during this time of year. Limit your candy intake to the minimum and do it as holiday treats not an every day diet. Same goes for fizzy drinks, junk food, and sticky syrups.


Keeping your diet in check can seem daunting and problematic but keeping steady weight will do wonders for your skin in the long run. Even slight weight fluctuations during holiday season might give a sensitive skin stretch marks or simply a saggy or wrinkled look.

Also eating fruit and vegetables is important as they provide the necessary nutrients like vitamins and fiber to keep skin smooth and glowing while the protein and healthy fats nourish your nails and hair.

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