Secrets of Beauty of Korean Women

Korean women are usually very attentive about their look. They would never go out to the street without making sure that they look 100 percent ideal from head to toe. Korean women spend a lot of money on beauty procedures, by the way glycol peeling is a top popular procedure. Jin Lee, Korean brand’s Laneige International trainer shared some beauty procedures Korean women do every day.

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Korean women spend a lot of money on beauty procedures, by the way glycol peeling is a top popular procedure. Jin Lee, Korean cosmetics brand’s Laneige International trainer shared beauty secrets of Korean women flawless skin.

While face washing, use outward and upward strokes

Once you are washing your face, avoid vertical up and down strokes. It will lead to your facial muscles loosening and will promote skin sag. Of course, at the beginning this tip will be a little hard to get used to, but the result won’t wait for long.

Use the whitening products

Korean women are obsessed with using whitening products in order to prevent skin pigmentation problems. It is easy to follow as there is a big variety of treatment products available today.

Prevent early aging by applying sunscreen

Not only Korean women but all the female community in the rest of the world know about the pernicious influence of ultraviolet rays on skin. So, guarding skin from sun explosion is an important aspect of the everyday skincare routine. So, start using sunscreen products as early as possible what is not a big issue due to the wide choice of such products.

Use nearly 20 treatment products daily

Can you imagine, during the morning procedures women in Korea apply 17-18 products. So, let’s take a closer look at the whole procedure. Once you have your face cleaned, use the following products one after another: refiner, emulsion, essence and cream. Even though this whole ritual is complicated to perform in the morning rather than just simply toning and moisturizing your face, but the glowing perfect skin is not an easy thing.
First correct your skin tone with a primer and makeup base. Afterwards apply foundation or the famous Korean originated BB cream and cover little imperfections with conceal. Then fix your foundation with the powder. So, you reached a perfect tone and now highlight those parts you want to outline with makeup brightener. Correct eye brows shape either with the help of gel or make up them by the special pencil. And the very final stroke: eyes shadows, eyeliner, mascara, lip stick or gloss and blusher.

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