Natural Skin Care Alternatives You Can Find in Your Kitchen

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Natural skin care can be pretty expensive but it shouldn’t be as you have all the necessary alternatives in your kitchen to solve many beauty issues. Olive oil, oatmeal, and green tea and other ingredients can be used on their own or mixed together to get even more skin care products for your beauty routine.

Natural Skin Care Alternatives

Coconut oil

Cleanser – Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great cleanser alternative. Aside from being organic oil can provide a deeper gentle cleanse that will leave your skin nourished and moisturized as well as clean. It can also serve as a makeup remover.

Moisturizer – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many great benefits to it. You can use it in almost all of your beauty treatments such as deep hair conditioning, shaving, exfoliating and, of course, moisturizing. Use it to soothe dry skin and prepare your face for foundation. It will act as primer and you can also use it as highlighter after you’ve done your makeup.

Body Scrub – Coffee

Coffee grounds are probably the best when it comes to natural exfoliators. They can be rough or mild depending on how grind size. It shouldn’t be too coarse so as to not hurt the skin. You can also make your own scrub adding different ingredients of choice.

Gentle Face Exfoliator/Scrub – Oatmeal

Good not only for weight-loss oatmeal also works as a gentle scrub for delicate face skin. You can grind oats in a food processor to get finer grind cleanser. Add an egg white for an oil control mask.

Face Mist/Toner Water – Green Tea

Green tea has many amazing properties. Drinking it detoxifies and combats free radicals in the body while applying it topically will refresh your skin. Make a mist out of it or a toner water. Add cucumber juice to further its benefits.

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Mona Liz

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One Response to “Natural Skin Care Alternatives You Can Find in Your Kitchen”
  1. Maureen Monye Says:

    I couldn’t help but comment. I have oily acne prone face, each time I scrub with oatmeal I have breakouts and I have also combined lemon with green tea as toner but I incurred more pimples than I bargained for.

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