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You all know that there was a fashion mole ardour in the eighteenth century. Beautiful ladies and their refined cavaliers draw the moles with the use of a special pencil or cut them out of velvet in stars, moon, and boat shapes. They kept such “moles” in the small decorated boxes.

Such beauty spots were divided into, so to say, skittish and ambiguous ones and were stuck on the strategic places that pointed at the exact meaning.

Cindy Crawford

But what does a mole by nature really mean?

Vamp – mole. It’s located in near-eye-zone. It usually occurs to be on the vamp women’s faces. It about to signal: “Watch out! I’m dangerous in love!”

Grand – mole. It’s situated at the central part of a forehead. It indicates the firmness of purpose and drive to power. It says: “You underestimate me! But I’ll show you what I’m capable for!”

Changeable – mole. It’s on the temple. A woman with the mole on this place is characteristic for inconsistency, frequent mood and opinions changes.

Practical – mole. It’s in the middle of the neck. Such people know love matters well. They switch the partners often letting them be their friends.
Modern foretellers interpret the moles location in the following way.

Meaning of Mole

The mole on the right side of the forehead indicates at the bright, astute mind, rush to comprehensive knowledge.

The mole on the left side of the forehead points at weak will, easy-fall-under-the-influence, and inclination to extravagant acts.

The mole on the out-eye-side-area means that she or he is a very even-tempered, modest person. She doesn’t spend money in vain and is unshowy in clothing.

The mole near the right brow indicates constant affections of the person. Usually such people choose their life’s companions very early. Their love doesn’t fade after their long life together.

The mole near the left brow points at unfortunate marriage. Such people trust their feelings much more than to the mind. They realize the mistake they’ve done too late but still have enough courage to break off relations.

The mole on the ear betrays a reckless person.

The mole on the right cheek promise success, luck and happiness in marriage.

The mole on the left cheek testifies the fact that she /he has to overcome the difficulties all the time. She/he is always in the condition of struggle even with himself.

Marilyn Monroe

The mole at the mouth area belongs to the person of good character. She/he is always well-wishing to other people.

The mole located on the nose promise great future, lots of traveling. Such person possesses some magic attractiveness and sexuality.

The mole on the upper or lower jaw signals that there is some disease in the body.

The mole at throat zone means that a person is ambitious enough, pushing and always gets what she/he wants. Such people usually marry somebody in convenience.

The mole on the neck belongs to the person who should work hard to achieve something in youth. She/he is not given anything just for nothing. But at a mature age the person successfully harvests everything she/he worked for.

The moles on the hands or right forearm promise success in life.

The moles on the left forearm mean the financial difficulties.

The moles on the shoulder foresee a hard and complicated life.

The mole on the right breast – frequent ups and downs.

The mole on man’s left breast – luck and happiness.

The mole on woman’s left breast shows that she is of bright temperament. She changes the partners often that sometimes lead to unwise relations.

The mole in the middle of the chest promise well-to-do and secure life.

It’s necessary to remember that the larger the mole is the more significant its influence on the fate is. Small moles spread all over the body don’t matter almost anything.

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38 Responses to “Meaning of Mole”
  1. Mia Says:

    What do the numbers on that picture symbolize?
    What are the number’s meaning? Could you please post them?

  2. Mary Rise Says:

    Dear Mia, these numbers indicate the areas of possible moles.

  3. Sasha Says:

    i have five freckles on my cheek shaped as a star but i dont know what it means

  4. Sg Says:

    i have three moles shape like a triangle on my are and leg is thair some type of meaning!!

  5. Sg Says:

    sorry arm and leg !!

  6. maia Says:


    that’s called a tetrahedron. you had been visited by ETs!! (are they reddish?)

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I was was wondering if three freckles in a row mean something. for i have areas of three in a row lines that just suddenly appear

  8. kris Says:

    I have the little moles they call them titty moles. They are coming up on my neck.Alot of them. All over it but mostly at the base of is getting worse and worse.Is there any reason for thjem coming up? Is there anything i can do to get them off?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a girl and i have three black moles shape like a triangle on my left hand could you please tell me crrectly what it means . I’ll be grateful to you .

  10. lollo Says:

    thanks. cool, nice :) there r so many interpretations and don’t know which to really believe. some r true for some people and some don’t suit like in ‘physiognomy info’ in google don’t suit me. especially saying that a mole in ear means motto is give give give since it is not. reckless sort of suits me better :)
    probably wen u say outer corner of the eye it is exactly that and the rest near it or it wouldn’t make sense from other webs. is it? cuz i don’t believe wat everyone says……this mole appeared after i started becomin sort of more less trusting due to circumstances since i can remember???
    so is that meanings incorrect? plz tell plz :)
    thankz thanks

    ps wat does it mean to hav a mole on arm, not forearm?
    thanks :D :D :D

  11. anonymost Says:

    hey, i’m the who talks to you with a huge stuff about moles not matching to my character from other webs. can u plz not print it out on web?

    thankyou thankyou :D :D :D :D

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Lol I have a small mole on my right cheek just like Marilyn Monroe which means i’ll be lucky, happy and have sucess, but also a mole on my shoulder which means i’ll have a complicated life. Wow.

  13. naeem Says:

    a mole on my upper lips.whats meaning it.

  14. Ryan Says:

    We have the same moles of Anonymous. I have 3 black moles shape triangle on my left wrist. What does it means?

  15. MOULI Says:

    hey, i have a mole in upper level of my right breast what does it mean can u suggest me?

  16. AJ Says:

    Your “Titty Moles” sound more like Skin Tags and/or Warts. Not sure what causes the skin tags, but they usually fall off by themselves.

  17. DR.CHIRAG Says:

    i hv a big mole in th centre of right chick

  18. DR.CHIRAG Says:

    i hv mole on number 1 ,3 and 13 ….. gv me report plz

  19. Nevar Says:

    hey ryan i have 3 black moles shape triangle on my left wrist too what does it means

  20. mel Says:

    I got 3 moles on my left cheeks, which makes a triangle, what does that mean??

  21. P.Shasikanth Says:

    i have a mole on my left temple and i have a doubt regarding it.
    Is it good for me or bad?
    Please do reply me.
    I’m born on 27th march 1989 at 11am in the morning at hyderabad, India.

  22. suu Says:

    i have a mole below my lips on the chin area which is hidden by my lips.what does it signifies?and a mole on the right side of my above my breast.what does it signifies??

  23. zahirs Says:

    Lolz I Dont Have Noo Moles Fank Goodness For Thaat

  24. Yo Says:

    Pics are sexy

  25. Crystal Says:

    I have a mole that is small , (like a marker just touched my face) at the middle of my left cheek , What does it mean ?

  26. Keshawnna Says:

    I have a beauty mark on my mouth up and down, and freakels that are shaped like a seven, and I have a mole on the left side of my mouth, and beauty marks under the left side of my eye, what do they all mean.

  27. DEMON Says:

    I got a few moles that are crazy,
    well the most crazy one is the perfect square on my right calve, its on the right side and its perfectly in the middle of my leg, then in the middle of my shin on the same leg i got this burn looking thing, the skin is darker than the rest of my body but it blends in so well i cant see it sometimes,
    i got a spider bite looking pair of moles on the inner left foot facing the right foot, its like on the side of the arch in my foot, i got 4 making a perfect diamond on my left face, the top mole is on my left temple and the diamond hangs down,
    i got a perfect grouping making a triangle my left arm and a triangle on my left shoulder.
    and i got three moles on my right hands fingers forming orions belt, it starts with the bigger mole on the inside of my index finger, then on the outside of my hand there are the other two moles
    i got more but those are the ones i think are more important
    please reply, i can’t find any answers anywhere

  28. Fretah Says:

    I have a small mole on my Right upper lip which indicates I’m a good charactered person who is always well-wishing to other people. And what’s so crazy is I’m exactly that way, weird stuff man.

  29. David Domincki Says:

    Hi there very cool web site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds also…I’m glad to find so many useful info right here within the post, we’d like develop more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing.

  30. william fulbright Says:

    i have a mole on the tip of my nose.on spot 11 as is in picture,also another in the center on my back.what does it mean.i was born on the 22nd Nov with six fingers on each hand but were surgically amputated they where freaky.what does it mean.

  31. Sifung P. Says:

    I have two big moles on spots 4 and 8. What are their meanings? I am planning to remove by surgery. I have smaller moles on spot number 10, 24 and one little above 10. Kindly explain their meanings….

  32. strega Says:

    Dear Sifung,

    It seems that your larger moles might mean that you dangerous in love! The mole near the right brow indicates constant affections of the person. Usually such people choose their life’s companions very early. The mole near the left brow means the contrary.

  33. angela Says:

    I have one mole middle lower part on my nose and one left tip on my nose then one on right side above lip and one on bottome lip in the middle wht do they mean?

  34. jessi Says:

    hi i’m 22 i have a mole right side of my navel i’m born in 18 jun 1992 by 9.48 could u pls let me know about the meaning of this

  35. mai Says:

    Marilyn Monroe’s mole is on her left not on her right. Left = difficult life which makes sense since she died early.

    The mole on the right cheek promise success, luck and happiness in marriage.

    The mole located on the nose promise great future, lots of traveling. Such person possesses some magic attractiveness and sexuality.

  36. Ali Says:

    Moles can’t tell somebody’S nature and future,
    your future is what you make it yourself and HARD WORK IS THE KEY OF SUCCESS…..

  37. Veronica Says:

    I have mole on the right upper 14 on the picture. what do you guys think?

  38. sheetal Says:

    I have 3 moles one on nose one on lip & other on left cheek making traingle ,
    Please tell me 2hat does it mean .I m a girl

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