Lazy Girl’s Guide To Holiday Look

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Holidays aren’t just about dressing up and looking nice. Sometimes there’s just too many things to do before you can breathe out and do something about your hair. But if you’re out of strength by that time there are still amazingly easy things you can do to take your look from casual to holiday-like. Also if you’re lazy these might just be up your alley.

Lazy Girl’s Holiday Look

hair accessory

Hair Wear

No time or desire to fuss about curls or try to turn your flat iron into a curling iron? Well, hair accessories are so intricate and diverse nowadays it’s a crime we aren’t wearing them more often. We love the crown Dolce & Gabbana style jewel or pearl headbands that you can wear with a low bun, knot, or braid. No need for a fancy hairdo, just put the headband on and let it do all the work. Just make sure your hair is clean and out of the way.

Holiday hairdo

If you want something a bit more fancy, go for a full headband and wrap a few strands around it.


Strobing Not Contouring

Strobing is easy and really beautiful, so why not take advantage of it instead of trying to make contouring wearable in real life? Stock up on a fine shine luminizer, no specks or glitter. Apply to the highest points of your face (nose, cupid bow, cheekbones) and also along your collarbones if you are wearing something with a low neck.

If you stilll haven’t found your perfect red lipstick, go for a lip and cheek stain. Thanks to its sheer texture, your natural lip color will show through and make almost any shade look more natural. In combination with the cheek stain it will give you the fresh-faced runway look.

Lace makeup

Also if you want to look dramatic but don’t really have time or skill to do something makeup-wise, we suggest the lace mask appliques. They are positively festive and easy to use.

Finally, there are some really easy holiday nail art ideas but you can also always look into holiday-themed nail stickers and stamps to create your festive manicure.

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