Kylie Jenner’s 5 Beauty Secrets That Will Make You Go ‘Huh’

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She went from a freckled tween to an insta beauty guru in just five years and now everybody wants to know how exactly does she do it. Well, here are a few of Kylie Jenner’s personal beauty tips that will make you go huh.

Kylie Jenner Beauty Secrets

Kylie Jenner blue contact lenses

Fill It In

When she turned up with fuller lips on the red carpet both her and her sister Kim talked a lot about the power of lip liner. And while it’s true that she’s overlining her lips Kylie Jenner finally admitted this year that she’s had lip injections (not like we didn’t notice). So the lesson is, kids, overline your lips and fill them in?

Dairy = Fat

She recently admitted that she cut out dairy from her diet because she felt it made her gain a lot of weight. Okay, first, there is no hard evidence for those outrageous dairy claims from neither side, and second, no one product will make you gain weight, it’s all about energy balance (calories in vs. calories out).

Kylie Jenner blue hair

No Heavy Stuff

Kylie says heavy makeup doesn’t look ‘attractive’ on her. Unless it’s for a photoshoot or somesuch. But her candid pics always show her in full gear. Oh well, maybe she’s just always busy.

Blue Forever

She says she wouldn’t go for pink or purple hair. Why? Because blue is her ‘thing’.

Moisturize With Brush

In her latest tutorial Kylie gave her assistant a makeover showing a moisturizer application trick. She took a Victoria’s Secret brush and applied the cream with it in circular motions. She said it felt amazing, but Cosmopolitan claims that the brush makes for an even cream application ad the manmade brush bristles have less bacteria on them so that’s another reason for this. Okay.

What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s beauty secrets? Don’t overlined lips look weird in real life?

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