Ice: Beauty Tips For Summer

Ice is one of those things that's always at hand and you don't think about it much till the summer comes and you want your drink extra cool. But ice also has some health benefits and more interestingly some beauty benefits as well.

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Do you feel it? The heat of summer is slowly creeping up and what the best thing you can do to prepare for it is to stock up on sunscreen and ice. Why? Well, for one it’s a great way to cool off indoors without getting under your AC right away, which can give you cold. Another great benefit of ice is that it reduce swelling and inflammation, which is just perfect for warding off zits and red painful pimples.
Here are some more ice beauty hacks for summer you need to know.

Woman holding an ice cube

Prime & Moisturize

These are two great but heavy on the chemicals products that prepare your skin for makeup but summer isn’t the best time for wearing loads of it. Ice can be both and you won’t even feel it on your skin once the water dries. Tightening pores, reducing sebum secretion, and feeding your skin pure water, ice is a perfect way to prep your canvas for whatever light makeup you want to wear.

Use As Zit Remedy

Almost any inflammation can be reduced with a nice cube of ice. Just let it sit for a minute before applying it to the face as the extreme cold can break capilaries in your skin. Better yet, wrap those ice cubes into a clean cloth to prevent capillary breakage. You’ll still get the moisture and the cooling soothing effect of ice.

Get That Summer Glow

Since ice is said to tighten pores and help control oil production it can become your new summer beauty secret to a healthy radiant glow. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen after icing if you are going out though.

Strawberry ice cubes


Freeze some berries in your ice cube maker and enjoy gentle scrubbing effect provided by berry seeds.

Prevent Wrinkles

Icing is said to prevent wrinkles as it tones and tightens skin as well as moisturizes it. Ice infused with herbs and tea can bring further benefits to your skin.

Remember that too much cold or extreme cold can be bad for your skin too so don’t overdo it with ice. One or two cubes wrapped in a cloth should do it for regular use and as special use.

Do you use ice in your daily routine and what kinds of herbs do you prefer to infuse your ice with?

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Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.

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