How To Test Beauty Products Safely

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Beauty store testers are dirty-dirty-dirty as revealed by Good Morning America which went undercover in two states and ten stores to find out about the testers’ safety, Daily Mail reports. One in five beauty product in-store testers contain not only bacteria but also mold, yeast and even fecal matter. There is also no difference in test products between high-end cosmetics stores and drug-stores.

How To Test Beauty Products Safely

Some testers were harbouring health-threatening bacteria while it was found that on average beauty counters replace testers just once a year. Imagine the amount of stuff that builds up there during this period of time.

How to test beauty products safely:

Well, first of all look for other ways to try beauty products. Some shops offer free samples, others offer them with purchases and you can also buy a beauty product in sample-size. If you must try a beauty product in store make sure to do it safely:

  • Never try products on your face, eyes, and lips as these are the easiest gateways for health-threatening bacteria. This also applies if you have open cuts.
  • Experts advice trying lipstick on the pads of your fingers, foundation on your neck, concealer on your wrist, and eyeshadow/eyeliner at the back of your hand using a clean cotton swab.
  • You can also ask a salesperson to sanitize the testers if you must see a product on your face. Testers are usually treated with alcohol and have the top layer of the product removed. But this is only permitable for lipsticks and kohls but never for creams or any other products in jar containers like lotions, lip glosses, and other creamy/liquid/powder products.

Courtesy Tips:

  • Sanitize your hands before testing a product simply out of courtesy to other people who are going to use the same tester.
  • If you have a flu consider coming back for beauty products next time.
  • Use alcohol wipes to sanitize testers and clean disposable cotton swabs instead of your fingers to sample products.
  • Do not hesitate to ask a salesperson to help you safely test the beauty products you want.
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