Hot Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2012

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Summer provides a lot of time to experiment with hair color. Besides, it brings incredible hair color ideas that will amp up your look and add that chic Summer zest. So if you are in need of some inspiration, check out our list of hot hair color ideas for Summer 2012.

Summer 2012 Hair Color Trends


Hot Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2012

Summertime means bright colors and hues. That is why red hair color is the first to be mentioned. The key here is to find the one that is perfect for your complexion. From fiery red to gentler ginger… It is going to emphasize your unique beauty.

Strawberry Blond

Hot Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2012

When it comes to blond hair color, hairstylists recommend to think of warmer hues, such as strawberry blond (à la Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson). It is a kind of blond mixed with several drops of rose or gold nuance. But make sure you have a warm skin tone, otherwise strawberry blond hair color won’t work for your as it should be.


Hot Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2012

Pastel hair color is on the top of Summer 2012 beauty trends. And no wonder, it can make a great fashionable statement, if only chosen properly. Learn how to wear pastel hair and get ready to turn heads!

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