Beauty Secrets: All About BB Cream

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Beauty Secrets: All About BB Cream

All About BB Cream

It is one of the latest biggest beauty products that shook the industry and acquired huge popularity. BB cream, read Blemish Balm Cream was originally developed by a dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek in Germany in the 60’s to protect patient’s skin post-surgery. Later the cream became popular with Korean celebrities who used the cream to achieve a smooth light complexion.

What is BB cream?

A BB cream is a moisturizer, a primer, a foundation, a serum,and a sunblock. All-in-one product promises to provide good coverage, even skin tone, and a blemish-free look. There are different kinds of BB creams as well as there are many brands right now that produce them.


Western and Asian BB creams differ in formula. First of all, since skin-whitening agents are prohibited in some Western countries because of cancer threat Western BB creams don’t usually indicate ‘whitening’ among the cream’s effects. In Asia though lightening creams that give skin a pale porcelain effect are widely popular. Though it doesn’t necesserily mean the permanent whitening effect. Another difference is that Western BB creams have lighter formula which gives skin a sheer coverage rather than opaque effect Asian BB creams provide.

Beauty Secrets: All About BB Cream

How to Choose?

To choose the right product you have to know your skin type and the type of product properties you need like moisturizing or concealing. There are BB creams that have ‘whitening’ properties that lighten up the skin and cover up blemishes as well as there are ones for acne prone skin and wrinkles. Opt for BB creams that possess the qualities you need. Carefully choose the brand and buy only from official stores.

How to Apply?

Finally, to make the BB cream work you have to apply it right. It’s always a good idea to prep your skin with a regular moisturizer even if your BB cream claims to include it. The product then glides better on the skin providing better coverage and less flaking. Also the right application tool is required. More thick product is best to be applied with fingers while the liquid works great with the brush. First step is to target the blemishes as we do with a concealer, then start blending more product creating an even tone. Finish off with powder to make it last longer.

Since most BB creams come in only light color it might be a good idea mixing it with foundation that matches your skin tone.

CC creams?

‘Color correction’ or ‘color control’ cream is potentially the next BB cream as it does not only provide coverage but also includes skin-nourishing ingredients. Chanel brought the Color Correction Complete to the Asian market while Olay launched one for the US.

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