5 Self-Tanning Tips That Will Give You Flawless Summer Glow

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At this point we know that self-tanning is less harmful than sunbathing or UV bed tanning. And while your self-tanner may contain harmful chemicals, it’s still probably safer. The problem with tanning products, though, is that they are short-lasting, hard to apply, and prone to streaking. Then there are the issues with orange tinge that many of the commercial tanners on the market have, and the tedious application process that may require up to 4 sessions to get the color. But that never stopped anyone, did it?

Self-Tanning Tips For Flawless Summer Glow

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Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

Choosing too dark tanner will give you an unnatural skin color, which will look like paint rather than a tan, so be sure to choose the right tanner shade for your skin tone.

Use Gloves

Using gloves will prevent tanner staining your palms that will definitely give away your tanning method. Latex gloves are pretty snug and convenient to work in, so be sure to have them on when you decide to take on the tanning task.

Go Light On The Face

A big contrast between your face and your body will give away that you’ve been self-tanning (unsuccessfully at that). Be sure to go easy on the face-tanning as you don’t want it to be too dark, but at the same time don’t just leave it as is.

Self-tanning tips

Fix Mistakes With Lemon

A lemon slice is a great way to fix mistakes and streaks. Just rub it on the area you want to fix for two minutes, and then buff it with a damp cloth or towel.

Get Help

Hard to reach places like the back should be given special attention. Get a friend or partner to help you with particularly tricky places in order to get the perfect look.

One of the main requirement to a perfect tan after a self-tanning session is no sweating, crying, or splashing for 6 to 8 hours. This will definitely prevent unwanted streaks and stains, and will keep your skin tone uniform and natural-looking. You could also talc up, if you don’t want your self-tanner to also stain your clothes and bedding.

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