3 Ways To Use Toilet Paper In Your Beauty Routine

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Say what? Yes, toilet paper can be much more useful than you think, especially when there aren’t any special tools around. For example it can be used as a blotting paper when you have none or even to make curls.

Toilet paper


Toilet paper is always in easy access and it is quite a versatile thing too. Blotting paper might be a fancy product to use at the office but when you’re alone at home you can use it to blot excess makeup or oil from your face just as effectively.

Gentle Scrubbing

If you need to prep your face for makeup fast there is a neat little trick involving toilet paper and coconut oil. You can easily scrub off dry patches without irritating your skin too much all the while coconut oil moisturizes and further softens your skin. Use this trick to get rid of scales of skin around the nose and your T zone (or other dry areas). It’s easy and the coconut oil absorbs pretty quickly, if you don’t overuse it. But even then you can blot out the excess with toilet paper.


Finally, it might be counter-intuitive but you can really achieve curls with toilet paper rolls. Just make sure your hair is dry even if you prep it with styling product to prolong curl life. And here is a tutorial from a beauty vlogger Nicole Skyes:

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