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Christmas is soon and we are searching for the best looks to make your look dramatic and memorable for both you and your surroundings.
Embrace unnatural lip color with a velvety grey lipstick trend as it spreads among Pinterest girls as another alternative to red or dark lipstick.
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Freckle Stencils Spray Manicure
Thanksgiving sets the Christmas countdown but it doesn't mean you can be festive with your diet every day. Instead of waiting for New Years to make that weight resolution and struggle to keep with it ...
Blue lipstick is bold and daring but Rihanna shows it's not just for Halloween. Can you pull it off? Well, here are a few tips for those who want to but hesitate to try.
Yesterday celebs have gathered at the AMAs to dance, sing, and present and receive awards. The red carpet was the more interesting part though as Gwen Stefani, Jenner sisters, and Demi Lovato went out of ...
Gold leaf is beautiful and festive. It is also very versatile and can be used in hair and makeup. Here are some ideas on how to use it in makeup.
Gold leaf is so glam it is impossible to pass up on this reccuring hair trend that makes any hairstyle look red carpet-worthy.
Make holiday nails festive easily. There are many ways to decorate your nails without the garish nail art or any advanced skill.
If you're obsessed with freckles you don't have to draw them with a penjcil or think of other more permanent ways to get them. Here is a new product that will allow you to have ...
These beauty marks by Mr. Kate is a great continuation of those gorgeous flash tattoos.
New hair color trends emerge everyday it seems. Here is a fresh take on rainbow hair that will make a nice colorful alternative to natural or dark roots.
When you have no time or money to touch up your roots, glitter is an unlikely solution for times when you cannot but just have to shine.
Frosted lipstick is just one of the many trends of the past that made a comeback this year and with glitter and shimmer being the usual decorations for holidays here are a few ideas on ...
Nails Inc. are known for exploring new textures with manicures but now they've gone a lot further. The nail polish brand has created a spray can full of nail color that can be applied as ...
Rainbow hair color is trendy but these four hues are elegant and absolutely wearable.
Take your hairstyles from casual to holiday with a few easy tweaks and enjoy an elegant look for the holidays.
Talk about drama, when it comes to holiday makeup that's what you want provided you are going to artificially illimunated night parties and festive celebrations. Here are the three looks to make you a star ...
A wig is a great investment in regards to hair care, instant hair change, and perfect mane without frequent hair salon appointments.
Winters can be dull and boring but makeuo is always there to make your day and brighten up your look. These three trends are the best for the job.
A new study from Duke University and the Environmental Working Group has found hazardous fire retardants in nail polish that might negatively impact the hormone balance, reproduction, development, and metabolism in women and young girls. Most Nail Polishes Are Still Toxic...
Losa Eldridge explores a great topic on history of beauty trends while we are filling the gap with some Roman history of beauty and makeup.
A new trend in the nail department is easy to do and looks quite pretty. Coming from South Korea, particularly Eun Kyung Park founder of Unistella salon this new mani has already swept through Instagram ...
Every week there is a new trend in town. Galaxy color hair is a hot new thing on a rainbow hair block and it looks gorgeous. The guru girls are already rocking nebula-colored hair, so ...
While other celebs jump on rainbow hair bnadwagon Ariana Grande went for a trendy silver platinum hair that's been all over Pinterest lately. Here's how to get it.
Platinum blonde hair is a lifestyle and a great commitment so you have to know what you're getting into before going blonde.
Kylie Jenner turned from a tween to a true Kardashian sister thanks to her pout and blue hair. Read more about her weird beauty secrets.
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2016 Tony Awards: Best Beauty Moments

2016 Tony Awards: Best Beauty Moments »

2016 Tony Awards were glam and fab. You have to see these beauty looks as they are truly the best inspiration for summer.

13-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Beauty Rumor Is That Gigi Hadid To Create Her Own Makeup Line

Beauty Rumor Is That Gigi Hadid To Create Her Own Makeup Line »

Model Gigi Hadid is taking after her BFF Kendall and partnering up with the beauty brand she’s currently representing, Maybelline, to create her very own makeup line.

11-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Redhead Christina Aguilera Is Playing Hair Chameleon

Redhead Christina Aguilera Is Playing Hair Chameleon »

Christina Aguilera is at it again trading her platinum blonde for a new hair color that turns her into living Jessica Rabbit.

09-06-2016 | Read Full Article
How To Survive Summer If You’re Pale

How To Survive Summer If You’re Pale »

Pale skin is prone to burns and freckles as well as hard to tan so be sure to use our summer survival guide for pale to avoid these skin problems.

07-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Watch A Beauty Blogger Create Thermal Highlighter Effect

Watch A Beauty Blogger Create Thermal Highlighter Effect »

Highlighter is now a major beauty staple with strobing being such a huge trend. Some beauty bloggers though are taking it to a whole new level with their highlighting makeup experiments.

03-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Why Bella Hadid Is Perfect For Dior Beauty

Why Bella Hadid Is Perfect For Dior Beauty »

Bella Hadid has been named the new face of Dior beauty and she’s a great fit. Sharing the fame of Jennifer Lawrence (and some facial resemblance) and poise of a professional model the next Dior beauty campaign is going to be a treat to watch.

01-06-2016 | Read Full Article
5 Self-Tanning Tips That Will Give You Flawless Summer Glow

5 Self-Tanning Tips That Will Give You Flawless Summer Glow »

Self-tanner mistakes are such a faux pas, but with UV tanning beds and natural tanning harming your skin so much, what a girl to do? Well, here are a few tips to get that perfect summer glow without giving away you’ve been slathering on the self-tanner.

30-05-2016 | Read Full Article
Black Blue Is Kylie’s Next Lip Kit Color

Black Blue Is Kylie’s Next Lip Kit Color »

Kylie Jenner is releasing a new badass lip kit color that start Halloween early this year. The starry night shade is all a glam goth would love back in the day. Now the daring beauty junkies

27-05-2016 | Read Full Article
Undercut Tattoos Are A Perfect Summer Hair Trend

Undercut Tattoos Are A Perfect Summer Hair Trend »

Get an undercut tattoo this summer to cool off and try out a design. Regardless of whether you are into rainbow hair or not an undercut tattoo can inject some freshness into your style.

25-05-2016 | Read Full Article
Billboard Music Awards 2016 Beauty Highlights

Billboard Music Awards 2016 Beauty Highlights »

Celebs flocked to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards to celebrate top artists in the biz (it’s Adele this year) and perform their hits. Britney Spears, Rihanna, and newcomers like Zendaya and Ariana Grande have dominated the red carpet both fashion and beauty-wise.

23-05-2016 | Read Full Article
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