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Sandra Bullock considers her husband’s opinion much. He told her he didn’t like the hair color and she immediately changed it for him.
Tea is useful, everyone knows that. But recently it has been revealed that drinking up to eight cups of tea a day is very beneficial for health. Tea can help fight heart disease, improve brain ...
Pamela Anderson has joined the list of celebrities who have their own unique fragrances. The former Baywatch star laucnhed Malibu Blue and Malibu Pink scents under the collaboration with International Beauty Brands at the W ...
A lot was written about Botox, pros and cons were discussed but it’s a fact that more and more women tend to use it to look younger. Now the news: Botox can be used to ...
We are what we eat – it’s a common truth. But we are how we eat too – this has just been proved by researchers. The study has revealed that the fater we eat the ...
The study described here was based on an assumption that being told you are fat is offensive. I guess the results of the reasearch are predictable enough. According to scientists, every woman has at least two ...
Scientists say that eating tomatoes can give a good effect in keeping trim. According to study eating the vegetable leaves you feeling satisfied and suppresses the urge to snack, which is important when someone wants ...
Eating junk food is harmful. We all know that it makes us fat, unhealthy but just few are aware of the fact that eating it can lead to depression. It has been proved that people ...
MAC Cosmetics have released a new collection of makeup products named Magic, Mirth & Mischief. I guess it will be a perfect addition to your cosmetics bag before winter holidays. The whole line is bright ...
Just a couple of days and you’ll be celebrating the funniest and the scariest holiday in a year – Halloween. This day is really extraordinary and everyone wants to look special at the party –wearing ...
Lots of modern women are obsessed with weight loss problem though this problem might not even be related to them. Normal-weight ladies look at skinny models and thin celebrities as ideal women and think they ...
The British fashion house Burberry has announced the decision to produce a range of cosmetics. The collection will be made under the collaboration with Inter Parfums SA and include about a hundred of products for ...
Tests showed that pictures of partners, parents or children provoked positive feelings strong enough to override much of the patient's discomfort. Researchers even advise patients visiting hospital for painful tests to bring a picture to ...
The problem of obesity will soon turn into a catastrophe if doctors and nutritionists don’t find a healthy way to lose excess weight. A new reserch has been conducted in medical centers in New York and ...
Many of us are concerned about our health and nutrition. Trying to find more information about these two aspects we often tend to browse the internet rather than visit a specialist though this isn’t very ...
Monodiet is a simple way to lose excess pounds for an important event. However, eating this way is harmful and after you quit the diet your weight is soon gained again. No wonder doctors are ...
Thrush is a disease that offers little pleasant. It can be caused by plenty of various factors. You never know when you are protected from it. But you aren’t certainly helpless. You can take prophylactic measures.
Everyone knows that ageing is inevitable but we can make it happier and healthier. Nutrition is of high importance when it comes to health in old age. Thus if you eat food that ruins you ...
Cindy Crawford’s mole has been the most famous mole in history. It has to be the most photographed one in showbusiness. And now it might cause a problem to its owner.
When it comes to lack of money for good medicine we often use homemade recipes. And as it turns out they can be even more effective than costy pills or ointments.
All modern women use perfume. It is nice, appealing and sexy. But as it turns out we often can’t find what we really want or maybe the price is too high for the fragrance we ...
Women are ready for almost everthing to make themselves look younger. The bravest go for plasic surgery, some opt for botox injections and there are those who find easier and safer ways.
Prejudices come from the assumption that all people should be the same. Very often we just don’t want to see a personality with his own problems, worries and cares.
We all have different colors of eyes. But we need to know how we can make them brighter and more expressive! Here you can find tips for your eyes color.
So many women have beautiful grey eyes and choosing the right makeup for them is not difficult. But of course there are some important details you might not know about.
Kim Kardashian is going to join the list of celebrity perfumers with her own scent coming out in February 2010. I’m not surprised, perfume industry seems to be a profitable one.
You can look older earlier than you want or the nature has planned on you. And these are your bad habits that will influence a lot. If you don’t get rid of those your appearance ...
Mariah Carey launched her new fragrance “Forever” at Macy’s Herald Square on Tuesday in New York City.
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2016 Tony Awards: Best Beauty Moments

2016 Tony Awards: Best Beauty Moments »

2016 Tony Awards were glam and fab. You have to see these beauty looks as they are truly the best inspiration for summer.

13-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Beauty Rumor Is That Gigi Hadid To Create Her Own Makeup Line

Beauty Rumor Is That Gigi Hadid To Create Her Own Makeup Line »

Model Gigi Hadid is taking after her BFF Kendall and partnering up with the beauty brand she’s currently representing, Maybelline, to create her very own makeup line.

11-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Redhead Christina Aguilera Is Playing Hair Chameleon

Redhead Christina Aguilera Is Playing Hair Chameleon »

Christina Aguilera is at it again trading her platinum blonde for a new hair color that turns her into living Jessica Rabbit.

09-06-2016 | Read Full Article
How To Survive Summer If You’re Pale

How To Survive Summer If You’re Pale »

Pale skin is prone to burns and freckles as well as hard to tan so be sure to use our summer survival guide for pale to avoid these skin problems.

07-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Watch A Beauty Blogger Create Thermal Highlighter Effect

Watch A Beauty Blogger Create Thermal Highlighter Effect »

Highlighter is now a major beauty staple with strobing being such a huge trend. Some beauty bloggers though are taking it to a whole new level with their highlighting makeup experiments.

03-06-2016 | Read Full Article
Why Bella Hadid Is Perfect For Dior Beauty

Why Bella Hadid Is Perfect For Dior Beauty »

Bella Hadid has been named the new face of Dior beauty and she’s a great fit. Sharing the fame of Jennifer Lawrence (and some facial resemblance) and poise of a professional model the next Dior beauty campaign is going to be a treat to watch.

01-06-2016 | Read Full Article
5 Self-Tanning Tips That Will Give You Flawless Summer Glow

5 Self-Tanning Tips That Will Give You Flawless Summer Glow »

Self-tanner mistakes are such a faux pas, but with UV tanning beds and natural tanning harming your skin so much, what a girl to do? Well, here are a few tips to get that perfect summer glow without giving away you’ve been slathering on the self-tanner.

30-05-2016 | Read Full Article
Black Blue Is Kylie’s Next Lip Kit Color

Black Blue Is Kylie’s Next Lip Kit Color »

Kylie Jenner is releasing a new badass lip kit color that start Halloween early this year. The starry night shade is all a glam goth would love back in the day. Now the daring beauty junkies

27-05-2016 | Read Full Article
Undercut Tattoos Are A Perfect Summer Hair Trend

Undercut Tattoos Are A Perfect Summer Hair Trend »

Get an undercut tattoo this summer to cool off and try out a design. Regardless of whether you are into rainbow hair or not an undercut tattoo can inject some freshness into your style.

25-05-2016 | Read Full Article
Billboard Music Awards 2016 Beauty Highlights

Billboard Music Awards 2016 Beauty Highlights »

Celebs flocked to the 2016 Billboard Music Awards to celebrate top artists in the biz (it’s Adele this year) and perform their hits. Britney Spears, Rihanna, and newcomers like Zendaya and Ariana Grande have dominated the red carpet both fashion and beauty-wise.

23-05-2016 | Read Full Article
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