Tips to Wise Shopping

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Tips to Wise Shopping

Mindless shopping is an addiction. Once you start substitute the feeling of ‘happiness’ and satisfaction from purchase for real feelings you might end up being a shopaholic. The joy from purchase lasts minutes, hour maximum. Then it just becomes another clutter in your closet, garage, or basement. Our tips to wise shopping will help you save your time, money, and space.

Tips to Wise Shopping

Wise shopping implies careful planning. Before going shopping make a list of things you need to buy. Sometimes you might want something you don’t really need but if it makes you happy in the long-run then it, probably, worth it. So you need a new little black dress because your old one has worn out. Your shoes look old and shabby? It’s time to buy new ones.

Tips to Wise Shopping

Know your size, buy only clothes that fits you right now and fits you well. Consider where and with what you will wear that top or pants. Arrange your clothes by outfits so that it will be easier for you to buy clothes you really need and it will more than likely mean you will wear it.

Tips to Wise Shopping

Another tip to wise shopping is - do not fall for fashion trends. It doesn’t mean – live in a cave, wearing fig leaves. But buying anything new that’s coming to the market will most likely make you a fashion victim. Know what suits you, try on various clothes and choose the one that accentuates your good features and hides your flaws.

Tips to Wise Shopping

Shop with cash rather than credit card. Thus you control your spending being limited by cash. Take sum of money with you that will cover only your list of necessary things.

If you saw something you liked be it clothes or gadgets, anything really. Take a sec or minute to think. Estimate value of the product and its necessity. If you can’t really think of the reason why you need this item other than that you like it, leave it and proceed with your list. Wise shopping allows you spend less time working to be able to buy things you don’t really need.

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