Fitness Myths Debunked

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Fitness Myths Debunked

There are many myths about fitness that keep us away from the training or results that we need or want. So today we are going to debunk some of those myths to simply make your life easier and make you aware of what things are true or false.

Once a six pack – always a six pack

Fitness Myths Debunked

No ladies, in order to get killer abs you should workout out regularly, otherwise the fat will return soon enough since the stomach is one of those spots on your body which accumulates fat to protect the inner organs from cold and damage.

Abs training is all you need for a flat tummy

Fitness Myths Debunked

No it isn’t. The abs are small muscles so in order to have a flat tummy you need various exercises like running, swimming, and cycling.

Train everyday to stay fit

Fitness Myths Debunked

Your muscles require rest and recovery time. Everyday workout stress will only tire your muscles. In fact, when you take a break between your workouts and get massage and rest you see the results of your hard work faster. After running or swimming your body requires from 24 to 36 hours of rest to be able to work at its fullest during the next training.

Any sports battles cellulite

Fitness Myths Debunked

Another fitness myth. Only such training as cycling and water gymnastics can battle cellulite.

The thinner the healthier

Fitness Myths Debunked

Nope. If you eat little and workout actively after you burn all the fat, the next thing is going to suffer is your muscle bulk. You can die from being too thin because no new nutrients nourish your body and muscles that keep you moving.

You can’t eat two hours after training

Fitness Myths Debunked

While it is not recommended to stuff yourself after working out you may eat a snack as the fat burning process goes on for two hours after the training’s completed.

Do not lift more than 3 lb

Fitness Myths Debunked

Another fitness myth is that if women weight more than 3 lb they will end up having huge muscles. In order to achieve such muscles one needs hormone testosterone found in men. Women have too little of that hormone to achieve huge muscles. So don’t be afraid to go for weight-lift training under the supervision of professional trainer as it will strengthen your muscles and will give a more prolonged effect to your slim figure and toned arms.

Fitness Myths Debunked

As for running, experts disagree on whether or not running causes sagging breasts. But there are several things to take into consideration before starting running exercises. Check with your doctor or trainer about your posture. If you have any problems with it the wrong training can lead to back problems. Learn how to run correctly. Your movements and breath should be correct in order for running to be efficient and beneficial. And of course, invest in a good sports bra, which imitates the form of your chest and provides a good support. You can also try encapsulation bra, which support every breast.

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