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  • There are girls who love makeup and then there are girls who LOVE makeup. Find out if you're kinda a makeup hoarder.
  • Learn how to improve your wellbeing with these awesome stress relieving tips!
  • Learn why you feel always tired and the truth about habits that lead to fatigue.
  • Learn how to improve your sleeping habits with these simple tips!
  • Get tired of restless, sleepless nights? Try the following techniques that will definitely help you falling asleep faster.
  • Waking up full of energy every day can completely change your whole life! Learn our tips on how to wake up energized and get ready to feel the difference.
  • Keeping a secret can be difficult, and when it is a juicy secret it might be near impossible. It takes a great deal of willpower and determination, not to want to tell someone what you ...
  • Happiness… It can be found in many different forms. The purchasing of inanimate objects that better our living styles or someone else that you associate with can be the reason you feel happy. Tastes differ! ...
  • Stress can be tough on our health and beauty so it's important to know how to beat it to preserve both. Here are some ideas for stress-relieving beauty remedies that work both for beating stress ...
  • Winter blues can make prompt sadness and sleepiness so in order to fight it and raise spirits we offer some simple tips and advice that will help keep the winter blues back and mood up. ...
  • Unfortunately, fall is the very time when we are most likely to fall into depression, but I can assure you it is not the reason to start taking antidepressants. It is better to opt for ...
  • The latest scientific research has shown that a good cup of coffee can not only boost your energy in the morning, but help to get rid of depression as well. The scientists discovered that women ...
  • According to the latest study most American (and I’m sure not only American) women aren’t happy with their bodies… if you are among these women you should first of all understand that such dissatisfaction with ...
  • The way your morning usually starts makes its mark on the whole day. That is why it is very important to start your day with positive emotions. But sometimes we just get up on the ...
  • Lots of people enjoy summer heat, swimming and sunbathing. But you are not, then you have summer depression. Causes can be different, but ways to beat summer depression are all the same. Find out natural ...
  • Feel stressed, anxious or angry…? We know how to calm you. Learn the easiest ways to calm down in a short period of time.
  • Tired from exhaustive fitness workouts? Laugh, as it has recently been proven that laughter can be easily used instead of fitness. Read on for more details…
  • It has become amazingly popular among celebrities to launch their own signature fragrances. There is even an award instituted for the best celebrity fragrance of the year. Learn who would be awarded this year for ...
  • Want to smell like newly-welcomed British Princess, keep reading to learn what Catherine preferred for her big day.
  • The power of positive emotions such as joy is absolutely unquestionable. Joy helps us live longer, that’s why it is considered to be an ultimate elixir of life. Try rejoicing even at minor things and ...
  • Do you want to spice up your love life? Just a piece of cake! Find out what scents serving as natural aphrodisiacs for him or her, are able to arouse even the most secret desires, ...
  • You’ve chanced upon a wonderful fragrance that perfectly suits your taste, but what tough luck the smell disappears after 2 hours, as if it has never been. But don’t give up as it is quite ...
  • A modern woman has to play several roles during her lifetime. SHE has to be a business lady, loving mom, good wife, sexy partner and so on. Sometimes it seems irresistibly difficult to gear up ...
  • How about perfume made of human faeces? You surely refuse even to imagine that it can be true and how it can smell, but don’t jump to conclusions, as perfume made of human faeces is ...
  • Just few days ago we were teased with some sneak peeks of future Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance Advert as well as with the first teaser video. And now we can fully enjoy the entire creature ...
  • Eva Mendes is announced to replace Naomi Watts in the promotion of Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance in order to awake its ‘sultry’ qualities. Eva Mendes is going to gladden us with new Thierry Mugler’s Angel ...
  • Uber voguish lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur again enters the world of fragrances with its new 2011 fragrance called L’Agent. As the whole Agent Provocateur fragrance set, L’Agent perfume is full of sensual and alluring notes, ...
  • Keira Knightley was spotted in Paris straddling a motorcycle for new Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ad campaign. Being actually the Chanel veteran, Keira Knightley holds down her job because of the extreme sensuality and femininity that ...
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5 Nail Trends To Sport This Fall

5 Nail Trends To Sport This Fall »

Great manicure is a great accessory but this season you can relax and just choose any trendy color you like. Lots of solid manicures without a hint of fake nails were spotted in sight. But it doesn't mean that manicure junkies can't sport abstract nail art on their tips. Learn more about what's in this fall.

21-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends »

Fall 2015 is just aorund the corner. Find out all about the main beauty trends for the rest of the year to ensure you you have it on fleek.

15-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Beauty Trends 2015

Beauty Trends 2015 »

How to Wear Lipliner in 2015 Marsala Color of the Year 5 Alternative Smokey Eyes How to Wear Trendy Purple Eyeshadow

14-08-2015 | Read Full Article
Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products

Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products »

Star Wars is kinda a big deal and the beauty industry doesn't let it slip under its radar either. Check out this Star Wars inspired makeup collection by CoverGirl.

14-08-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta)

5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta) »

There are girls who love makeup and then there are girls who LOVE makeup. Find out if you're kinda a makeup hoarder.

05-08-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine »

Skin is an amazing organ that has over 1,000 species of bacteria living on it, weighs 8-9 pounds and covers 22 square feet. It's also prone to wrinkling and tanning. Here are a few facts that will help you improve your beauty routine.

27-07-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Interesting Facts About Tanning

5 Interesting Facts About Tanning »

Tanning is one of the summer's pleasures and beauty treatments. But given its nature you just might want to reconsider on those sunbathing sessions.

21-07-2015 | Read Full Article
Everything You Need To Know About Clown Contouring

Everything You Need To Know About Clown Contouring »

Clown contouring is a new thing on the street. It's a fun method to your tedious beauty routine.

15-07-2015 | Read Full Article
Get Haute With These Paris Fashion Week Beauty Looks

Get Haute With These Paris Fashion Week Beauty Looks »

Paris Fashion Week brings more inspiration to beauty lovers around the world with its super easy-breathy wearable autumnal beauty looks.

13-07-2015 | Read Full Article
See UV Light Effects On Skin In This Eye Opening Video

See UV Light Effects On Skin In This Eye Opening Video »

Artist Thomas Leveritt has shown men and women on the street how their skin looks through a UV light camera that can see yet invisible changes in the skin.

08-07-2015 | Read Full Article
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