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  • Learn how to have a motivation for battling the nicotine addiction here!
  • We have compilated a top of must read advices for losing fat!
  • Exercising is essential when it comes to calorie burn and weight loss. But if you'd like to get better results from your workout, make sure your learn how to boost you calorie burn embracing just ...
  • According to the recent scientific researches there are lots of quite surprising things that really make us gain weight. Check out all the stuff that makes you fat preventing from successful weight loss.
  • Find out 3 great ways to lose leg fat fast and get ready to take away your jeans and don your prettiest skirt showing off your beautiful toned legs.
  • Eager to get rid of some extra pounds to fit into your tiny bikini? We are always ready to help... Just follow our 5 ways for a successful weight loss and extra pounds will literally ...
  • Swimsuit season is already round the corner. Nothing can spoil your expectation except dimpled appearance of your skin, better known as cellulite. But actually it is not the reason to give up, as we're going ...
  • While your period maybe the most horrible part of your moth there are few things that can help you feel better and ease cramps and muscle spasms. Read our article to know more!
  • Nowadays aromatherapy is very popular with women who care about their health and want high quality grooming. That's not surprise that aroma therapy has several benefits such as pain relief, mood enhancement and helping to ...
  • Need and energy boost that will also help improve concentration for your study or work? Here are the five breakfast foods rich in vitamins and stuff that makes brain work and focus on things. But ...
  • Actually there is no need to stick to a crash diet and exhaust your body with intensive workouts. You only need to find out smart ways to lose weight fast and include them into your ...
  • Bigger bust without surgery is quite a real thing nowadays. Learn how to make your bust bigger without recourse to all those costly and painful surgical procedures.
  • Weight loss tips are always urgent for modern women. Besides we know how to do it easily, you should just change some of your nutritional habits and modify a bit your lifestyle to do magic ...
  • Yoga actually is one of the best metabolism boosters, if only you know these great yoga poses that perfectly increase metabolism rate. If not, you are on the right track, as here you can find ...
  • Weight loss has never ever been easier than now with all those numerous weight loss tips and tricks. Do magic with your silhouette and feel the difference embedding the following fabulous weight loss rituals into ...
  • Eager to lose weight sticking to awfully strict diet and exhaustive workout, but it leads nowhere. Obviously, the problem lies in hidden calorie traps; we’ve sorted out 5 sources of hidden calories that prevent you ...
  • Find out how to lose weight easily with the help of the latest workout plan. Backward running is what you need if you want to lose extra pounds almost effortlessly.
  • You can detoxify your skin, make it look younger and even get rid of cellulite by performing body wrap. And there is no need to spend lots and lots of money for all these costly ...
  • Find out everything concerning latest ultra-fashionable fitness workout type, stretching. It has become an absolute panacea for all the health problems caused by sedentary lifestyle.
  • Pool-party time is already round the corner, and if you are not ready yet to show off your curves then our great tips to firm and sexy buttocks will help you to lose some extra ...
  • Have you already got your fave mini skirt and sandals, but can’t venture to show off your legs that have probably been in hiding this past winter and spring. Then follow our tips to get ...
  • Besides that Celine Dion ventured to give birth to her adorable twins at 41, she also got her pre-pregnancy gorgeous shape just five months later. Wonder how 42-year-old singer succeeds in looking so svelte? Keep ...
  • Spring has finally come! And it surely means that summer is round the corner, and summer in its turn means opening of the hot beach season. And if you are not yet ready to steal ...
  • Cellulite is a usual occurrence for every woman as it means that our organism produces enough estrogens in order to have a baby. Some have cellulite in so-called latent form, while others have these hateful ...
  • We know we look up to celebrities cause they're always in a spotlight so we get the chance to seem them practice beauty trends and rules, break them or create new beauty standards. Sometimes it's ...
  • Kourtney Kardashian’s body is almost perfect; at least IMHO she is the hottest of Kardashian’s sisters. And who would ever have thought that Kourtney has fake boobs?! Wow! I am really shocked… Moreover Kourtney admitted ...
  • As we age our upper arms get flabby, show excess skin and unflattering shape. If you think it's inevitable and the only solution is long-sleeved tee keep reading and find out about easy exercises that ...
  • Who doesn't want beautiful flat tummy? And not just flat but shapely too. Most of you know the main exercises that help build killer abs. But sometimes exercise is not enough because the diet doesn't ...
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Beauty Report: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Beauty Report: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards »

2013 MTV Video Music Awards took place in New York, Brooklyn, Barclays Center where the stars - nominees, presenters, and performers - gathered on the red carpet to show off their outfits and beauty looks. Here is our beauty report on the show.

26-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas »

Silver eyeshadow is super trendy this summer and fall. There are quite a few ways to wear it and we simply love the idea of playing with colors, sheens, and textures.

09-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection

Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection »

Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain Make-up takes a very important place in any lady’s life. Even if she claims to not use all those beauty products due to her natural appeal, she still does. She has to, just in sake of stressing what she was blessed by nature. This is exactly ...

01-08-2013 | Read Full Article
Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health

Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health »

Maria Menounos has appeared on the cover of the Women's Health magazine for July 2013 revealing her workout secrets and other beauty tricks.

29-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations

Latest Celebrity Hair Transformations »

Celebrity hair is almost always an inspiration. Having arguably the best hairstylists who make sure to keep with the latest trends celebs show off their hair transformations whether they change their look for the job or just for the fun of it.

25-07-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Low-Calorie Ice-Cream Alternatives

5 Low-Calorie Ice-Cream Alternatives »

Some regions are known for scorching summers and one delicious way to beat it is ice-cream. But since it's packed with fats and sugar these five cool low-calorie alternatives are worth to try.

18-07-2013 | Read Full Article
5 Easy Cooling Low-Sugar Drinks For Summer

5 Easy Cooling Low-Sugar Drinks For Summer »

Sugar in summer drinks can make us pack pounds while we want to stay bikini-ready throughout the season. These 5 cooling homemade drinks are low on sugar (or at least can be if you want them to be) and can come in a variety of different flavors every time.

12-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Best of Fall 2013 Haute Couture Beauty

Best of Fall 2013 Haute Couture Beauty »

Haute couture fashion week went as usual bringing lots of new and not really new ideas design and beauty-wise. Dior showed another take on statement lips while Versace went for a 'fluttering eyes' look. See the best of Fall 2013 haute couture beauty here.

08-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Makeup Tips For Face & Body

Makeup Tips For Face & Body »

Makeup is not only a tool to make our faces look pretty, it's also a tool to hide body imperfections and even out the breaks in color pigment.

04-07-2013 | Read Full Article
Jillian Michaels Covers Another Shape Magazine Issue

Jillian Michaels Covers Another Shape Magazine Issue »

Jillian Michaels is again the Shape cover star. The mom and fitness coach on the Biggest Loser talks about fad diets vs. common sense, motherhood and her work. The star coach also gives advice on how to stay slim during summer vacation.

04-07-2013 | Read Full Article
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