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  • Tanning is one of the summer's pleasures and beauty treatments. But given its nature you just might want to reconsider on those sunbathing sessions.
  • Summer is great not only because of the vacations and good weather. It's great because you get to enjoy all of its beauty benefits without doing anything that requires much of an effort.
  • Dark lipstick may seem like a big challenge but chosen and done right it can really suit almost anyone. From sheer textures to glossy sheens dark lipstick can look both dramatic and glamorous.
  • Getting it all right from the first try is hard. So we decided to make up a list of five foolproof beauty products that will help you in your conquest of makeup and beauty.
  • The cold season isn't only about weather changes. The holidays may take toll on your skin and hair if you're not prepared.
  • When you don't want to splurge on fancy chemical-loaded skin care products you can always look into your pantry and find at least a couple of these skin care alternatives that offer a wide range ...
  • Summer's getting nearer so it's time to re-stock on sunscreen and get your fashionable shades on. But if you're looking for ways to cool off and pamper yourself at home without breaking a bank ice ...
  • Sunscreen is a beauty staple that has to be worn during all seasons as it protects skin against harmful UV-rays that contribute to premature aging and skin cancer. Here are the main rules to follow ...
  • Discover all of the secrets of oil cleansing!
  • BB cream is the beauty industry's hottest product. What is it and how to use it? Learn inside the post.
  • Summer is drawing to its end so it's time to think about a vacation. Browse and check through the vacation beauty must-haves we compiled to stay glam and fab in any situation during your summer ...
  • Summer has brought a lot of incredible beauty ideas to draw inspiration from. It changes the way we apply makeup as well as our hair color choice... Get ready to experiment and try on the ...
  • Eco-friendly cosmetics makes sense not only in terms of being earth-friendly and cruelty-free but also in terms of being more healthy. There are many toxic chemicals in the regular cosmetics that can cause irritation and ...
  • Daily Mail revealed the findings Good Morning America has found in beauty counter testers. Apart from bacteria and mold there is also yeast and fecal matter in one of every five testers no matter if ...
  • Trends can be challenging to wear as they are seen on the runway but there are always ways to interpret them into something that is wearable and suitable for your style.
  • Shopping online for beauty products is very different than at a regular store. There are no testers or professional to help choose the right product or color. But it also allows to expand your
  • Beauty budget is something that needs to be planned and thought out. Buying every other product can drain your beauty budget and leave bulk of unnecessary products.
  • Many people travel during their vacations so it can hinder their beauty routine. But with some helpful tips it can be easier. Make sure to take the minimum products that can help keep an adequate ...
  • Dark circles under the eyes and a pale gray facial complexion are the apparent signs of the sleepless nights spent with a crying baby. Find out what beauty tricks can help you prevent this.
  • Just like face, hair and nails, lips also need sort of care which is easy and not time-consuming. To have your lips protected during winter you don’t have to spend much either. Just follow daily ...
  • Doubt that getting rid of a double chin without surgery is possible? Don’t! With a few easy tricks you can achieve great effect quite fast. Just do a couple of exercises to train your facial ...
  • Follow our simple tips for a flawless white skin
  • There are some very common photo poses that can be seen in real life, in magazines and red caret photos. But it's up to you to add some individuality to a photoshoot. Also not all ...
  • We all know that sleeping with out makeup on will make skin dull and leave age marks on the face. There is a whole list of beauty mistakes to avoid like not wearing sunscreen, smoking, ...
  • Bigger bust without surgery is quite a real thing nowadays. Learn how to make your bust bigger without recourse to all those costly and painful surgical procedures.
  • Mother Nature provides us with a plenty of great opportunities to make hair grow faster. Various plants can boost natural hair growth process. The only thing you are to know is how to mix natural ...
  • Men actually have a very adequate definition of women’s hairstyles they love. Thus, let’s run through some of their favorite hairstyle ideas you’re sporting.
  • So are you ready to learn the answers to humanity's biggest question of how to stay youthful for as long as possible? Well, we don't guarantee it is 100% true for ALL of you out ...
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5 Nail Trends To Sport This Fall

5 Nail Trends To Sport This Fall »

Great manicure is a great accessory but this season you can relax and just choose any trendy color you like. Lots of solid manicures without a hint of fake nails were spotted in sight. But it doesn't mean that manicure junkies can't sport abstract nail art on their tips. Learn more about what's in this fall.

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Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends »

Fall 2015 is just aorund the corner. Find out all about the main beauty trends for the rest of the year to ensure you you have it on fleek.

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Beauty Trends 2015

Beauty Trends 2015 »

How to Wear Lipliner in 2015 Marsala Color of the Year 5 Alternative Smokey Eyes How to Wear Trendy Purple Eyeshadow

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Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products

Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products »

Star Wars is kinda a big deal and the beauty industry doesn't let it slip under its radar either. Check out this Star Wars inspired makeup collection by CoverGirl.

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5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta)

5 Signs You’re A Makeup Hoarder (Sorta) »

There are girls who love makeup and then there are girls who LOVE makeup. Find out if you're kinda a makeup hoarder.

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5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine »

Skin is an amazing organ that has over 1,000 species of bacteria living on it, weighs 8-9 pounds and covers 22 square feet. It's also prone to wrinkling and tanning. Here are a few facts that will help you improve your beauty routine.

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5 Interesting Facts About Tanning

5 Interesting Facts About Tanning »

Tanning is one of the summer's pleasures and beauty treatments. But given its nature you just might want to reconsider on those sunbathing sessions.

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Everything You Need To Know About Clown Contouring

Everything You Need To Know About Clown Contouring »

Clown contouring is a new thing on the street. It's a fun method to your tedious beauty routine.

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Get Haute With These Paris Fashion Week Beauty Looks

Get Haute With These Paris Fashion Week Beauty Looks »

Paris Fashion Week brings more inspiration to beauty lovers around the world with its super easy-breathy wearable autumnal beauty looks.

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See UV Light Effects On Skin In This Eye Opening Video

See UV Light Effects On Skin In This Eye Opening Video »

Artist Thomas Leveritt has shown men and women on the street how their skin looks through a UV light camera that can see yet invisible changes in the skin.

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