Lip Piercing: Is It Really Worth It?

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Nowadays, people get crazy about body piercing. You can see it on lips, tongues, ears, navels and plenty of other parts of a human body. Lip piercing is becoming more and more popular these days. It is a type of body piercing which involves penetrating into the lip or the area surrounding the lip.

lip piercing

Piercing can be done in different ways. Almost all kinds of lip piercings heal pretty fast. But they require you to be very cautious. Lip piercing is not an easy process and very often infection accompanies it. You have to be very careful about the pierced area all the time, especially during the healing period.

Swelling is a common symptom experienced after oral piercing. But you can make it seem smaller by pushing a larger ring or a stud into the pierced area. When the swelling vanishes, you may wear the jewelry you want.

Another thing to mention here is that lip piercing can be hazardous for your teeth and gums, if you wear jewelry that is not an initial piece. Try to avoid the lip ring touching the gums as it can damage them or cause inflammation.

girl lip piercing

Looking stylish and fashionable at the cost of health is a sign of madness. Before you’ve done the piercing make sure that you are fully aware of its harmful effects. If you consider it worth bearing all that – go for it; but if you doubt, my advice is to find other ways of making yourself look interesting rather than running the risk.

Lip Piercing can undoubtedly look beautiful and stylish, but there are cases when lip piercing is really terrible! For those who are still hesitating whether to make lip piercing or not, at first look at extremelly TERRIBLE LIP PIERCING and discuss it with others in order to make a sound desicion!!!

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142 Responses to “Lip Piercing: Is It Really Worth It?”
  1. amy Says:

    i have braces and i have a shitload of metal in my mouth and my food tastes like metal. one more piece wont hurt. besides i already got it done and it doesnt touch my teeth or gums. the wire of my braces is in the way. if i see it a problem 3 to 4 yrs from now ill take it off. so chillax, let ppl be.

  2. Cecile Says:

    i guess, it’s just because you have braces that you don’t mind having piercing in your lip or whatever. i have one and it doesn’t make me feel good actually. i don’t remove it just because it looks cool but the feeling of it so close to my gums isn’t right you know…

  3. Jason Says:

    I had the left side of my bottom lip pierced last Febrary. Yesterday I went and got the right side pierced. It looks very strange but very cool. It’s swelled but I know how to deal with it from last time. All in all it’s been good.

  4. katie Says:

    do u pple think
    madonna piercing is girlier then snake bitess
    or no?
    im thinking bout either of emm
    more or less madonna

  5. Natasha Says:

    I just recently got my lip pierced last month, and it’s really not that big of a deal.
    It isn’t permanent, and it’s extremely easy to keep clean and take care of. Unless you’re a lazy slob and let it get infected just because you decide not to brush your teeth twice a day.

    It’s not like I went out and got a tattoo of Elvis on my buttcheek.

    I enjoy subtle piercings, (gauages = ew if they’re too large.)

    They’re just another way of self expression. If you’re thinking about it, then I fully reccommend to just go for it.

  6. Kristen Says:

    i got my lower lip pierced in the middle 2.5 weeks ago. It really bugged my gums the first couple days and the piercer recommended I brush my gums upwards (in the direction of growth) with a soft toothbrush when I brush my teeth. My gums haven’t bugged me since, and now my lip ring has no problems. I think if you just take good care of it, like don’t touch it, don’t bite it, keep it clean, etc there’s no reason to worry about health issues.

  7. Brii Says:

    I’m gettin the middle lower lip pierced in a few days and I was wondering if anyone had tips about keeping infections away cuz all my piercings end up infected even tho I clean them like I’m supposed to

  8. Emma Says:

    infection? how many people get lip infections?

  9. shadae Says:

    i think that lip piercings are cool, i have one on the lower left side. and i also have my nose and my ears, and my tongue.. i dont think its really anything wrong with piercings, as long as you know how to carry yourself with them and not be out in the open with them so people know that you have them.. and none of mine have got infected yet

  10. Amanda Says:

    well i have my tongue pierced, and i want my lip pierced. im just not sure how itll look on me because i kinda come off as one of those pretty girls.. so they say, but i really really REALLY like them, and it’ll be a side one, cuz im thinking about snake bites.. any thoughts?

  11. Megz Says:

    I just got my lower left side pierced. it didnt hurt at all. but quite swollen at mo, but i love it, looks wicked!
    Just go 4 it i say! if it dnt look gd take it out lol

  12. ME Says:

    You people are really mad ! thinking that torturing your body with wholes and stabs it is considered to be fashionable, (if Fashion = Beauty…I know not always but at least that’s the objective ) ,That’s really twisted !
    That’s nothing else but signs of very insecure people wanting to appear “secure” on themselves for the rest of the world to see .But you know what ?
    You are achieving exactly the opposite !
    What’s so good about pieces of metal stuffed into our so soft tissues that happens to be called skin.
    You might as well mutilate yourself going even further until you’ll rip big chunks of your skin off. I mean , why not?? It is cool isn’t it !!!

  13. Playboy Says:

    I just got my lip pierced on the 10th 4 days ago and I like it everybody be like it look good on me n shit cause I’mma pretty boy 2 and its healing maad fast didnt even hurt @ all I neva even thought I wud get ma lip pierced niether.

  14. Saskiia Says:

    I agree with Amy..
    I have a shitload of metal in my mouth & it’s never bothered me.
    Tongue 3 times, lip 5 times [3 @ the bottom, 2 @ the top].
    With the exception that I don’t have braces.

    If it starts to bother me – I’ll take it out.
    & Amanda, if you like it – go for it. It’s like wanting a top.. but not being certain about gettin’ it because you don’t know how it’ll look on you.
    If you’re not content, you can always take it out.

  15. emily.ecstatic Says:

    ok…so i do have braces but i wanna get some frikn hxc snakebite in these lips ‘o mine.
    well, my best friend got hers done and said it hurt like a mofo.
    so jw, does it seriusly hurt that bad? cuz i think shes shittn me.


  16. Chris Says:

    I got a question! where is the best place to pierce on your lower lip? i really want one and want to do it myself so if you got any answers please

  17. Maisie Says:

    I’m nearly 16 and i really want my lip done but my sister told me that good piercing shops either wait till your 18 or you need your parents concent? Is this trueee??
    PLUS- Do you think middle or left bottom piercings look better?! Thankyouuu<3

  18. mayra Says:

    this piercings are decent..=]]

  19. Dominique Says:

    I just got my lip peirced on the lower right, 3 days ago, not gunna lie, it hurt when the needle went threw, and when he put the jewlry in. It was really swollen, but eating ice chips is good for that, it makes it feel better aswell. the swelling is ALMOST all the way gone, it doesnt hurt anymore, and i havent had any pain other then when i got it done. When you first get it done, your might feel it against your teeth or your gums, but that should go away with the swelling. I have a stud in, just a stupid metal ball which i will be changeing to a gem stud as soon as i can. Yea so if you get it, used half listerin and half water after every meal, you SHOULDNT drink alcohol or smoke the day u get it done, but if you MUST make sure with mouthwash right after. I have 15 peirceing ears, eyebrow, nose, lip, belly button, tounge.

  20. lilly Says:

    look piercings are cool, and shit and i wan’t one on my left bottom. but i’m not so sad that i’m asking peeps that i don’t even know advise on what it’ll look like on me. they’ve never seen you!
    get them done!
    take ‘em out if they look twatish!
    and shit off!

  21. Alex Says:

    What do you ppl think about lip piercing on guys? Im thinking about getting my lower lip pierced. Is there a certain side I should get done cuz i have my left eyebrow pierced?

  22. BT Says:

    I literally just got mine done about an hour ago.
    I didn’t get any numbing agent done.
    The forceps helped numb my lip a little bit, but to be honest the piercing itself felt like it was tearing my skin.
    It kinda hurt.
    But I’m very happy with the piercing.
    Its on the bottom right, btw.
    I say if you want to get it done, then get it done!
    If you don’t like it afterwards, then take it out!

  23. Maisie Says:

    Alex, you should get it down on the opposite side of your eyebrow peirceing so the right side (:

  24. Meh. Says:

    Do you guys just say it doesnt hurt because you already got it done, or does it really not hurt? Some people say that as long as you take care of it like your supposed to, then you’ll be fine. But some people get infections even though they do clean it.
    Im not sure.

  25. kay Says:

    I got mine done a few months back.

    1) It hurts a little. It’s going THRU your SKIN after all. ;]

    2) Clean, clean, clean. Brush, Brush, Brush. Cleanliness is KEY.

    3)INFECTIONS are ALWAYS a possibility. If you are extra cautious (clean and brush diligently) you can greatly minimize or eliminate this possibility completely.
    –>reason I say this is because my friend (also my roommate) got it done the same day as me.. we washed after literally everything that came in contact with our mouths besides water. Used the same methods and cleaner.. still, she somehow developed an infection<–
    But we both still have our piercings and all is good. It IS a good idea to look at ALL medical aspects before getting a piercing and go into all the piercing parlors in your area and asking a lot of questions and taking in the care they put into their shop as well. (messy shop=BAD)
    ALSO!!! Piercing guns: nearly ALWAYS=BAD!
    I had my ears pierced with a piercing-gun and had no problems. But when my upper ear was pierced, it took a considerably longer time to heal.

    **and as far as people being against it..
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Where as, yes it is professionally a bad decision.
    Fashion, self esteem, character, etc.. wise, it is self expression.. and personally speaking for myself and all my close friends with experience, it was and is a good decision and we are very happy with the outcome.
    Without constant contact, the receding of your gums is subtle but it is still occuring while you have exposed metal in your mouth..
    And yeah, you can take the piercing out if you are displeased with the piercing, BUT.. there will always be a hole there to remind you of the ring/stud that was there many years to a few months prior.
    (I know many friends with prior as well as current piercings. As well as myself included.)

    ++All in all, the BEST information I can give you is to be VERY well informed. To some people, this is serious business. To others, its a walk in the park.

    If you have any questions here is an email to reach me by:

    Take care everyone.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    howz boutz this we do what we wanna do we dont give a shit if otherz say it looks ugly or ig mamma and dadda say noo and they will nt let you in your home with that peircing or tattoo god damn it dad!!!!!!!!!

  27. Elaina Way-Iero Says:

    i really dont give a shit about what my parents say cuz its what I WANT TO DO NOT YOU ME SOO FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! you know i got kicked out of my house because i have a lip and tounge peircing and a tattoo and i moved in with uncle donald and he is the one who i can really trust with anything cuz he is the one who took me and btw my tatto has uncle donald name surrounded by hearts <3Donald J Way-Iero<3
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Personally, I think snakebite piercings look pretty awesome. I’m thinking about getting them myself, just wondering about all the care I would need to focus on to reduce possibilities of infection as much as possible. Also, the whole thing about gums receding sort of scares me. Piercings aren’t bad though in my opinion, if you think they look nice then you should get them, being unafraid to express yourself is a great quality of a person.

    The rant by “ME” is pretty ridiculous, because it’s grouping all people with piercings into one group and placing qualities on them all.

  29. B. Says:

    Lip piercings are a cool way of expressing yourself.
    And yes they do hurt but its quick and easy.
    I got mine done just last week and its healing pretty well.
    but i would like some advice!!
    We have this big week of festivities (VEISHEA!!) coming up on April 13th, would i be ok to drink by then?? or would the alcohol still hurt too much??

  30. Ashley Says:

    I reeally want my lower lip pierced on the right side I think. I was wondering cause people say take it out if you don’t like it, will it close up completely so you won’t see it anymore? I just want to know what will happen if I decide I don’t want it anymore. I’m not going to want it when I’m old. But I really want it now!

  31. Alyson Says:

    i was wondering if you get ur madonna done are you able to drink the night after because i was gona get it done today but im ment to be drinking tomorro :(

  32. carolyn Says:

    im really wanting my lip pierced, but do u think i should/can get it done even if im only 13? and my parents are making me pay for it, which sucks. got any help for me?

  33. Valerie Rene Says:

    honestly there isnt a single thing wrong with body piercing. it is a personal choice just like picking a shirt to wear with a little swelling and sometimes a bit of pain. they arent permanent and i seriously cant understand the big problem with people accepting it. as we speak im apprenticing to pierce and tattoo so im around it daily and unless you really slack on taking care of it then it can be a problem. i have my dimples dahlias i have six dermal anchors medusa septum nostril and gauges at an inch and plenty of tattoos like its not even a big deal. let people express themselves how they want.

  34. Amanda Says:

    i Really Want My Lip Pierced..But My Mom Would Probably Shit A Cow.
    she Got Mad when I got My Nose Done[Which Is Now Gone thanks To My Stupid Teacher]
    I did It Myself Last Summer But i took It Out Because It Looked Odd Where i Put It.

  35. Leah Says:

    heyy i am thinking about geting either a tatoo or a lip piercing. i want the middle of my lower lip done but i am not sure. can u give me some advice on what 2 do to help keep it clean? thanks a bunch

  36. Kelsie Says:

    I just got my lip pierced yesterday. (April 17) It didn’t hurt at all! This is my first surface piercing too. I didn’t have numbing agent, because honestly if you need that then yer a pussy. My lip is still swollen, it kinda hurts, not really, only when I accidentally bite it. Looks awesome though, I would deff. recommend it!

  37. Ashley Says:

    I got my left side done more than a year ago and I loved it. I know that some people say it doesn’t hurt but I did experience some pain. The piercing itsself did not really hurt but the next few days I had some significant swelling and some slight pain that I’d probably describe more as some stinging and discomfort. Make sure to chew ice chips for the swelling, it really helps. I decided four days ago to get the other side done and go for snake bites. So far theres been only swelling and slight discomfort once again. The one thing I really stress is keeping them clean. The better care you take of them, the better and faster they will heal.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    you are all fucked up with these piercings. i am sorry you have them.

  39. Jane Doe Says:

    how much does it cost to get a lip piercing done? can you give me a rough answer? cause like over here its like50 bux. is that a good price?

  40. shan Says:

    yeahh over here all shops do lip piercings for only 50 dollars.

  41. Bobbi Says:

    I’ve had my lip done for almost two years now and the only problem was that i couldn’t eat Broccoli. I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough, lols. Apart from that i love it. Im getting my toung done in a few week’s and then i think im gonna get two more on my bottom lip so i have three, satrting from the middle and finishing on the left of my lower lip. My first hole cost me
    £25, i think that was a pretty good price. And there is nothing wrong with lip piercings, i bet you [ Anonymous ] and i bet you don’t think it’s wrong. At the end of the day it’s each to their own!

  42. Rick Says:

    yea im most likley going to get min down tomorrow like in the afternoon. can you take it out and put it back in the same day or will it close…and um any infections can occur how? well let me know antyhing else about it.. thanx =]

  43. KoleKaoss Says:

    if you have guages,
    are they more likely to get infected than if you had a smaller hole?

  44. christian espinoza Says:

    that shit is hoooooooooooot

  45. allyson Says:

    do u think 12 is to young to get snake bites??

  46. vicky Says:

    i think it’s very cool..Well,i did lip piercing 3 months ago and i never had any problems.i don’t know about piercing above the eye cause i want to do it!!!But if it causes problem i won’t do it..So could you please give me your opinion???

  47. HeatherAnn Says:

    I just got the right side of my bottom lip done and I absoutly loveeeeee it! Alot of people dont like it but the way I look at it is its my body and I have to live with it. I love it so much that that once it heals im going get the left side done!

  48. Samantha Says:

    This is crazy because i really want one and so does my boyfriend and i think it is awesome and nobody can tell me any different

  49. Caiti Says:

    Well, you see, i have my monroe pierced, and my nose, and both of these piercings i did myself, and neither one got infected. I haven’t had any problems with them, i’m actually thinking about getting snake bites..

  50. Maddie Says:

    I really wanna get my lower lip pierced and so i go and tell my dad that i want to get it done. The problem is that my dad is a plastic surgeon and he deals with people who get tattoos and piercing years before and who want the scars or tattoo removed. So he has to put me on a guilt trip and make me feel bad if i got one.

    But you know what, that’s how things go, you learn from your mistakes you make in the past. So I think i’m just going to go for it.

  51. Char Says:

    I had a lip piercing (center) and eyebrow done at the same time. The lip one hurt loads! but the eyebrow didnt. I had to remove the lip one cuz it was irritating the back of my lip and got a blister that didn’t seem to want to go away. I took care of it and cleaned it like i was supposed to. I now want to pierce the side of my lip. If u want one i say go for it, u can always take it off if u dont like it. I have a very tiny scar which hardly shows now. It hurts but only for a couple of days til the swelling goes down!

  52. Allie. x3 Says:

    I pierced my lip just today. I now have spiderbites. Everybody thinks they’re cute, and I also think lip piercings are another turn on, (wink wink) I’m getting another one next year. They’re seriously worth it people, so go ahead and get them done, :)

  53. dakota Says:


  54. amanda♥ Says:

    (allie) u r so right lip pericings r so cute and deffinetly a turn on!!!!loll. all the ppl that want to get their lip or any periceings done should do it there cool + if u keep it clean the swelling goes away in like 2 days i got my lip done like a week ago im uesed 2 t already an it dont even hurt at all. brush r teeth and CLEAN…..[dont use alcohal or peroxide...kills skin cells i use h2ocean artic rinse its just like mothwash its made with reall sea salt nd has over 80 treace elements i gott mine at hennas tatto and percing shop [i would recomend the mout wash kind] put in and outside lip percing.

  55. ♥NEPTUNE Says:

    When you get any piercing its not supposed to hurt,if it does they might be doing it all wrong. I have no problems with my piercings,except that there not allowed at school. You have to know where and when to wear it…dont expect to get a job.


  56. Crasherz Says:

    I agree wit all of yew ppl..especially
    valerie..i know rite first i was thinkin bout
    gettin dah monroe piercing..buhh nahh den dah spider bits buhh idk i just think i like snake bites better..IDGF bouuhh mah parentz think im just raisin money 2 get dem done..If i get dem dey cant help it the holes gunna b dere..Like i tell mah momma that she dnt wanna let me be..I want those piercings and her n mah dad were like nohh until yewr 18 and older yew could do wattaever yew want..Buhh yew swear ima still want dem dere..Im old enough to make mah own decisionz..I know whatz right ohh wrong…Sohh yeah ima get dem

  57. christy Says:

    i’ve had my nose peirced on both sides, my bottom lip peirced on the side, my top lip peirced (monroe) and 2 belly rings. right now i’m down to just the monroe and one belly ring. you cant see any marks or anything where the others were. you can take them out and after awhile, it will close and be like you never had it.

  58. eve Says:

    This is ridiculous.
    Lip peircings are a really good way of showing who you are, whats the big deal? If you are so against peircings, then dont get one.
    I’m 13 and I really want my right bottom lip peirced, and I’m pretty scared but very confident. One problem – the parents. They are so against it, they think its gonna fuck up my life (what the hell?!) and I wont get a job because I wont be sophisticated. Peircings wont make a difference unless I’m at a ‘no metal allowed in this building’ job. Ffs.
    Can you guys add me and answer these questions?
    1 – does it hurt?
    2 – is it really worth it?
    3 – how can i convince my parents?

    thank you.

  59. Vctoria Says:

    uhm so yea i want a piercing on the left side of my bottom lip and my mom keeps saying “it’ll ruin your pretty looks victoria ” blah blah blah i think lip piercings are awesome i really want one ssssooooo bad and i told my mom its me tht will go through the pain not you so dont worry about it ahhh! i want one so bad

  60. Vctoria Says:

    wow eve its like our parents are related or something thts exactly what my mom said and i know for a fact my dad wouldnt approve but its not like hes going to rip it out of my mouth

  61. anne Says:

    I’m 13 too . And I’m thinking of getting snake bites . And I don’t GIVE a rats ass what my parents think . And if they kick me out or don’t let me in oh well too bad i’ll just stay with a kick ass friend . I’m pretty confident about getting them. but then I’m thinking does it hurt If it does I’m still getting them but will the pain be QUICK over and done with ?

    Thanks ~ ^-^

  62. danii Says:

    i really really want a lip ring on the bottom left cept i dont want it to scar if i took it out. Does it leave a massive scar?

  63. Calvin Klein Says:

    ok i really really want one but my parents are like no way you will never be able to get a job and i told them that i could take it out but nooo
    anyways what should i doooo?

  64. BRANDI Says:


  65. caseo Says:

    i just got my lip pierced on the lower left side five days ago and it doesn’t really hurt at all. i went to a tattoo artist i trust and he was gentle with me. yeah, it’s sore but it’s not like life ending pain. i say if you want it, get it and if you don’t like it, take it out. mine is actually through my lip instead of below but it lookd good on me =] i’m keeping it.

  66. stormy Says:

    small 16gauge ring.

    age 19

    week ago lower left left lip pierced.

    pain/swelling was easy to deal with…

    debating if i should keep it in due to me trying to acquire a job.

    if i keep it is it really worth the hassle to take it out for x amount of hours a day just to look sexylike on the weekends?

    go for it if you are in highschool.

    chicks love them tho…

  67. T E R A Says:

    i have my bottom right side pierced for 9 months now and im 15. i recently went to get the madonna which is the top left of my lip. after my piercing heals i want to get another one on the bottom right side[:
    the madonna bugged me more then the other one i have,, but it isnt infected.
    i didnt do it because its “cool”
    i love piercings ‘mostly ones one the lips’ and wish i could get more of them.
    i just think that if people want to pierce them selves let them be

  68. Rachel Says:

    I have recently just gotten snake bites because I thought they’d look cool. And they did look cool. But a week later I noticed a small lump in my throat. I went to the doctor to get it check out and she told me it was from the piercings. And that i had an infection in my throat. It was a swollen lymph node. I know have to take antiobotics for it til this goes away. I don’t know if i should leave my snakebites in though… any suggestions?

  69. XxXgoth benjiXxX Says:

    well i got me some gauges 00 down in mexico.i skipped like a thousand sizes..nothing happened but it DID HURT LIKE A FUCKING BITCH! hah!>:D
    uh well i think the bad part is that after like a couple weeks,they get all crusty and they smell bad (even though i had em fer a year already). but SERIOUSLY TOTALLY worth it! peace-a girl yall call benjiXoXoXo

  70. skittlez Says:

    Got my lower right side pierced about 4 days ago….its making alil circular indent in my lip…I guess that’s normal….its didn’t hurt getting it pierced….I like it but im sooo sick of this huge bar and ball………………day 4 and it hurts alil….it rubs against my tooth ad that’s annoying..

  71. Ross Says:

    im gettin ma lower left lip piercing in about 5days, im 13 so i kinda thought ma’ pearents would kick me out or something, turns out their actually cool with it.
    But the pains what im worried about more than anything to be honest. Ive already got 6mm stretchers. so how does the pain compare between ear stretching n’ lip piercing?

  72. Anonymous Says:

    i have ALOT of face piercings… Dont go and get a tatt or piercing if u 2 young and dont knw wot ur doing…. otherwise it NOT big deal!

  73. -ella Says:

    i am 14 years old and have been obsessed with tatoos and piercings ever since i can remember!
    they are amazing and i would love to get a tatoo on my back but have been told i have to wait till i am 15 and stop growing so much… but i am soon to get braces!
    will this affect my snake bites?
    help mee!
    thnxxx (:

  74. ella Says:

    i am 14 getting braces… will this affect with my snake bites?!
    help me!
    thnxxx (:

  75. jean Says:

    okayss, so i have a snake bite, i got my lip pierced on the right side first and had it for a couple of months, then i JUST pierced my left side, cuz found out that the right side meant your gay, and i am 1000 billion% straight. but the only reason i bielive its true is cuz my bestfriend told me that and she’s Bi.
    so yea it does hurt, it swells like a mofo, and it crusts and like stuff comes out in the healing et process but that is NORMAL so dont get freaked!!!
    <3, jean

  76. Gemma Says:

    i got the middle of my bottom lip pierced a week ago today and i have gotten used to it, at first everytime i ate i always caught it and it killed but it doesnt now =] everything hasd been fine no infections or anything

  77. zoeyyyy Says:

    mmmm, im like reaaaal bad with pain, but is desperate to get myy lipp done, so im gunna do ittt. my boyfriend and his broo has it done they lookk hottt, paaha. errrmm whatsss the cost and whats the pain likee? : )

  78. Ricky Says:

    im 14 getting snake bites on wednesday but will school make me take them out!?
    n does it hurt having it done?

  79. pamela Says:

    honestly people are making to big of a deal outta getting your lips pierced..
    its just a lip piercing..
    ive pierced my lip with a safety pin 3 times and it didnt get infected at all. all i had to do was stretch it out big enough for a lipring to fit in..
    it doesnt hurt much. especially if u do it fast.

  80. louanne Says:

    i realy want my top right lip pierced i was planning on getting it done on saturday but i am realy scared incase it hurts .

    **i havee waited for about a year to get it donee

    && does anybody no how old you have to be to get it done in a piercing shop. ??
    if you do please send me a email.
    btw i am 16 so i was just wondering how old u havee to be to get it done pleasee email me to the above email adresse with your answers thankyou :D

  81. Melinda Says:

    I have always loved piercings and tattoos. I have four tattoos my belly button pierced and I recently had angel bites done but I took them out. sounds pointless right. I have respect for my parents they done care about tattoos much but piercings on the face they dont like. people you care about will have a dramatic affect on you.

    I came home from a long weekend away from home with another thing done to my body and my parents couldnt even look at me. I could care less because that is how they acted when I got my 3 recent tattoos, the first one they loved though. but back to my point I have a younger brother who is in middle school and when I went to bed he said to my mom, “how do I explain this to my friends. they think my sister is strange as it is but how am I going to avoid this. I never want to get piercings or tattoos.” my mom told me the other day and it just broke my heart. my brother looks up to me and that means alot. but I would rather his friends not badger him about me. so I gave up something I wanted for his feelings and my parents.

    I dont care about what people do to their bodies but if its not tasteful its stupid. its pointless to hide tattoos and piercings. think about it long and hard before doing anything to your body you might regret it one day. dont do it to conform to a trend do it because you want it for you. everyone has ways of expressing themselves just dont do it for the wrong reasons.

  82. Anastasia Says:

    hey, im only 11 and im already thinking bout getting a lip piercing wen im older, but im scared bout the pain and wat age wud be the best recomended? plz reply bk xx

  83. breanna Says:

    hey this summer i just got my nose done and i want to get snake bites or just a lip ring but iam not sure what siad to put the lip ring caus emy nose ring is on the left side should i put it on the same side bor the right and idk if snake bites would look good but my friend has 3 lip rings on the left side i was think about that but could u get all 3 done the same day??

  84. Nayeli Says:

    I was wondering at what age could you really recommend a lip piercing?

  85. jill douglas Says:

    i got one!

  86. jill leanne douglas Says:

    i love it!! its so awesome im kind of a good girl and everyone loves it on me

  87. RAYchel Says:

    i really really wanna get my lip pierced :) but what do you recommend? like a little stud below the lip? or just directly on the lip?

    pls respond asap, cuz i’m ganna be gettin it done in a few days when my friend gets here i think.

    and how much does it cost for your lip? cuz my nose and belly button was 40. is it that much? or more??


    Ray (Rachel)

  88. Tonya Says:

    I got a monroe piercing in August and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m not going to lie having a needle shoved through your skin (it looks something like a hook through a fishes mouth…gros but true)is not the most pleasant feeling, however, when I got it done it didn’t hurt that bad until I asked to have a shorter stud put in because my face did not swell at all and the stud I had stuck out of my face ridiculously. The most pain I had was when the guy who pierced it for me put the needle back in to put the shorter stud in, no lie. My face swelled a very little bit after that but I was like headed after having it done so make sure if you get a piercing that you stay hydrated and have some sugar (I had a sucker…it helped).

    In response to a different post-yes if you have a piercing done in a professional shop they will make you wait til you’re 18 or have your parents consent.

    Believe me if you aren’t completely sure that you want to get a piercing, make sure you think about it…its not permanent, but it is money that you’re spending.

    Good luck to everyone getting piercing, they’re awesome if you want them.

  89. Rebecca Says:

    I want to get my lip pierced in the next few days but my mom says that in a few years and i don’t wont it anymore i will have a whole in my lip. Is this true or will it heal??

  90. Ebony Says:

    REBECCA ^ : yes it is true that youll have a hole , but its not guna be biggggg ! it closes very slowly after youve had it for about a year..ive had mine pierced , i have no ring in it now but when i want , i can just put one in without gettin it repierced. if u still consider gettin it piereced , just choose a small gage (= hope this helps

  91. Ebony Says:


    & maybe a surface piercing on my chest [=

  92. chelsey Says:

    well all of u are stuped if you think that it is a good idea. It has to be the most dumbest thang enyone can do. Ears are ok if you do one or two but no more or its gay.

  93. dsf Says:

    If it doesn’t look good take it out, it’s not permanant. I got my lip pierced, and now I want my monroe done.

  94. RainingDarkness Says:

    Oh my goodness I want snake bite piercing sooooo badly! I think they are so sexy and they would be awesome! People have been saying it doesn’t hurt at all and really the only pain is the healing afterward…but i know if i get them i’ll still be really really nervous!

  95. jenny Says:

    well this is great about a year after this site was made ppl are still posting :) and actually im 15 turning 16 the 27, 15 more days any way i got my right bottom lip pierced and i love it! although it has made my bosses mad they agreed to let me keep it in as long as i cover it up :) i absolutly love my piercing and if you want one get it. it doesnt hurt that bad its just a lil pinch. but its worth it :) :)

  96. Bre Says:

    I’ve gotten my lip pierced about two weeks ago! I love it. I take good care of it so it hasn’t gotten infected which is good. I love my lip piercing and don’t care about negative opinions from others. So I’d definitely say it’s worth it. :)

  97. Melissa :) Says:

    Im Just gOne On 15 and I Really wanna Get My Lip dOne On the bOttom Left, but Im nOt Fully Sure yet, Could someone give me their Opinion and tell me Is it Kinda Gothic ?
    nOthing against gothic piercings Or anything i actually think there really coOl :)

  98. zoe :) Says:

    i want to either get a piercing on the left side of my lip or snakebites for my 16th birthday… but i’ve been on a few websites reading about the dental problems they can cause :/
    so i was wondering is it if you play with the piercing alot or if it hits your gums and teeth constatly for these problems to happen??
    and if i put a bioflex stud in will i still have a risk of dental problems ?? xxxx
    and what is the type of lip peircing that is shown on this website above^^ with the girl that also has the top of her nose done i cant remeber what its called lol .. or is the lip stud just the piercing itself .. it looks like its gone through the bottom of the lip to the top ???

    please reply people Thank You :)
    here is my e-mail :)

  99. Heather Says:

    Hey… I have wanted snakebites for a while now and I went with my best friend to have his lip pierced the other day… It made me want mine more but my only concern is that I have really small lips, do you think it would look strange?
    I was planning on having my right side done first, then when that healed.. having my left side done.

    Any suggestions please?
    It’s really made me self concious about how it will look.
    thanks <3

  100. Alessia Says:

    Hey, Melissa it’s not gothic at all! Loads of different people get lip piercings all the time. It’s something that either everyone has or secretly wants :) It’ll look great!
    i got mine done on the lower right side a week ago but i never asked the piercer if it would heal when i take it out? what i want to know is after like a really long time like 5 years, if i took it out would it fully heal?? if anyone knows anyhting…thanks :)

  101. lamara Says:

    i really want lip done,does it hurt? and do they use needle?

  102. anonymous Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to getting my lip pierced for a while now. I have been planning a snakebite on my left side. I don’t care about the scarring, the pain, the swelling or the chipping of the teeth (I wouldn’t bite it anyway so this is why) but the receding gums and eroded teeth are the only things stopping me getting it. Can someone please tell me if it is a definite that your teeth will erode and your gums will recede?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    I took out my lip and my nose piercing at least 3 years ago after having each for about a year or so. They heal yes, but you are left with a scar that looks like a hole. I thought make up would cover it, but you really have to pile it on. If you are ok with having a scar (mine is really tiny you can barely notice unless i point it out)do it! I want to get my lip re-pierced.

    I didnt have any problems with my teeth or gums. It is hard to get used to at first while you are eating and it gets stuck on your tooth occasionally but you get used to it!

    I think they are really fun and cute. So if anyone is hesitating doing it, just do it. It isn’t permanent! You only live once and all that matters is what you think about it not what others think!

  104. melissa Says:

    I took out my lip and my nose piercing at least 3 years ago after having each for about a year or so. They heal yes, but you are left with a scar that looks like a hole. I thought make up would cover it, but you really have to pile it on. If you are ok with having a scar (mine is really tiny you can barely notice unless i point it out)do it! I want to get my lip re-pierced.

    I didnt have any problems with my teeth or gums. It is hard to get used to at first while you are eating and it gets stuck on your tooth occasionally but you get used to it!

    I think they are really fun and cute. So if anyone is hesitating doing it, just do it. It isn’t permanent! You only live once and all that matters is what you think about it not what others think!

  105. Angel Says:

    When i got my lip done i got my teeth cleaned right before as well, and i think that it will help with swelling and infection… i never had my lip swell or get infected.

  106. Metrocity Says:

    Mk well everybody asking bout infection and pain or such.. I have my lip eyebrow and ears guaged to a 2 I went from 14g to 2g on my ear in about 30 minutes so about pain I think its probably up to the person getting the piercing tbh, none of my piercings hurt much but tbh the most difficult to take care of was my lip, but infection can almost 99% of the time be prevented (again it could Jus be up to your body cuz Ur skin can just reject it) but anyway use , non alchohal mouth rinse and brush your teeth and turn your jewlery and if yu do get infection DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. I have done each and every one of my piercing and other peoples .. but on the real people don’t Jus do it to look cool do it if its something u like because it can become addictive, hope I helped have a nice one wit piercing (: bye

  107. Ben Says:

    this article annoys me greatly, why would you scare someone away from expressing themselves through a piercing? my lip is pierced and as some have already posted it is not a big deal, the “harmful” effects you speak of are rare and can be avoided through common sense practices, you make it sound as though it is a very risky and dangerous undertaking. piercings are enjoyable and easy to care for. its too bad that some people are ignorant enough to comment on something they know nothing about. and for those who have no piercings and bash those who do, well shame on you for hindering self expression

  108. Middle-Aged Man Says:

    I guess I’m none too hip, but I’ve yet to see a person yet whose looks were improved with hardware – especially facial hardware.

    Similarly, I have seen plenty of people who in my eyes look significantly worse once the lances have done their work.

    This is a form of “self-expression” that I just don’t understand. I wouldn’t deign to tell someone else (other than my kids until they were no longer minors) whether they could do it or not; I would like to think that from a physical attractiveness standpoint, all the posters here would rank higher without all the hardware, “self-expression” messages notwithstanding.

  109. DrAtticus Says:

    I recently had pierced my lip and now I can’t enjoy the taste of food anymore, that metal taste has fully compromised the integrity of my taste buds. I love the way it looks, and with the lack of food enjoyment, I have also lost weight and look good… but what is more important, I guess in this case; Vanity!

  110. alivia Says:

    from a scale 1-10 how bad does it hurt????im a 12 year old and im kinda scared but my mamaw said she does not no if i can so bad does it hurt???

  111. Sabrina Says:

    Im 15 and just got my middle Lower lip periced.

    Didnt hurt Much..only a little when it hit the inside of my mouth…

    Im looking for a lip ring with a Double ball lip ring….that will fit in the middle of my lip?

    and snug around it..??

    Please messege me with the Title : Lip ring advice!!!

    and messege me if you have any questions on the lip rings!

  112. Meg Says:

    I got my left bottom lip pierced a week ago. I have had it pierced twice before but took it out because I was worried about others opinions. I am not going to do that this time. But none of the times I pierced it, did it get infected, and I did them all at home, one with a safety pin. The swelling went down in like three days. It only pinches afterwards. It now hurts only at night. During the day, I can’t even tell its there. I was also concerned about the gum erosion, and teeth chipping, but I love my piercing so much that I put that in the back of my mind, and just went for it. You should to. I have not gotten an infection so far. I cleaned mine with Listerine for three days then changed to saltwater because I ran out of Listerine. I was afraid of it getting infected because loads of people told me it would, if I used saltwater. I have been using it for four days now and it’s healing fantastic. I honestly think it’s just how your body takes it whether or not it gets infected. As long as you use something that fights the bacteria, I think you’ll be fine. As far as the “worrying about what other people think” screw them. It’s your body. You are the only one who can figure out if it looks good or not. If you want it, go for it!! I love mine.

  113. Josée Says:

    MY ADVICE : IT DOESNT HURT AT ALL TO GET YOUR LIP PIERCED! Soooo im 14 have had my lip pierced for about 5-6 months never had a problem with it i did everything basically you werent supost to do with it lol. the day i got i pierced i ate spicy food right after when she told me not to, i play with it .. that is one thing i would say for all of you who want to get lip piercings its SOOO ADDICTING to play with my mom is pissed off when i play with mine but i cant stop also althletics tape hurts on piercings !!

  114. anonomous Says:

    okay so I’ve been wanting my bottom lip pierced (left!!, since apparently right means you’re gay)for a while and I’ve read a lot of negative things about it like it messing up your teeth and gums, the scaring that comes if you take it out and the infection that you could get even if you brush like you’re suppose to and all. i’m not at all worried about what people say about it, just the health aspect of it.

    1. Does it always mess up your teeth/gums or just when you bite the jewelry? (i bite my lip a lot so that could be a problem)

    2. if i decide to take it out, how long does it take it to fully heal? (where it’s barely noticeable)

    3. salt water rinse or Listerine? (some have said one is better or one irritates it, so which is it that is better recommended?)

    3. the pain. okay so sometimes I’m good with pain. sometimes I’m not,so how bad is it when you get it ? scale on 1-10

    4. the big needle they stick through your lip, how long do they leave that in? just a couple of minutes or do you have to walk around with that? if so, when do they put the loop in and take the needle out. yeah, i know stupid question but i wanna know how it’s gonna go.

    5. if you choose a stud, is it what causes gum and teeth problems or will a loop ring do that too?

    sorry for all the questions!! i just want to be prepared! i know it will hurt, but if i like it, it will totally worth the pain!

    ^so please email me the answers to all of those questions please!

    xx,thanks a bunch!

  115. steph Says:

    the thing is ive got told so many times that the numming cream doesnt work:/ i really dont want it to hurt! and do you think i will beable to get my upper lip done now, im 13? how much will it cost?<3

  116. Karmauh Jay Says:

    Hey mi name is Karmauh and I want to kno wheather its gay to have your lower left part of your lip periced my parents are okae with it they just want to kno wheather its and if its aye certain side I thought it was left side strait right side gay tell meh which one or I may fine out if I get the rong side periced I’m strait an I dnt want any one puttin meh out their as bisexual I mean thiers nothing wrong with that but I’m strait nd I dnt want that name on mi bakk

  117. tab Says:

    i pierced my lip on the bottom right side last monday and its now sunday and if the horseshoe ring moves it hurts pretty bad is there anythin u can do to make it not hurt as bad?

  118. nizzy Says:

    i am thinking about piercing my lip…i have always liked lip piercings but have been too chicken to do it…an now that i turn 20 in a few, i am finally going to do it! Question: can i take it out and put it back in often..because my boss said i cant come into work with the ‘lipring’ still on it

  119. Kaitlyn Says:

    Heyy, should i get my bottom lip peirced? (Right side) im turning 13 next month? should i get it? my mom said no, but i think so ;) dose it hurt?

  120. Rawda Says:

    Hi all :) , I live in egypt & im almost 16
    There are no piercing stors in here .. Nd i really want to have my bottom lip pierced :/

    Im so afried to do it 2 myself at home xS
    the afection thing or get it wrong ,, i dont know what 2 do :( .. Any advice !

  121. Tash Says:

    I want to get my lip pierced, but I am under 16 and worried that maybe i will make the wrong decidtion, but I have to say it looks coool! And would you think school would accept it? Nowone in our school ATM has one.

  122. Sammie Says:

    I’m 13 and want snakebites really bad I have been doing research for a while now, and I’ve pretty much got it down I’ve even saved money for everything…
    The only issue is my parents -___- of course , they are such buzz kills everything I like they are ALWAYS against, I get good grades, don’t do anything bad, I’m a good kid. I wish they would just let me.
    One day, I wasn’t serious, but I was just joking around and asked my dad what he would do one day if I came home with a piercing, and he said ” if you f*cking even dare come home with metal in your f*cking face I will RIP it out and I don’t care if you bleed because you were stupid enough to disobey me. And that’s just the beginning…..” so that scared the living hell outta me as I sat there for 45 minutes listening to the consequences
    ….. And the worst part is, I know he WOULD rip them out and not care because I ” disobeyed” him. None the less he also told me that I’d be kicked out. Thanks dad (: —– NOT -_____-

  123. Elly Says:

    I got my lip piercings done in September.
    By a friend. Without my parents even knowing.
    I’m 15 and I know it was wrong to do so. Anyway, they healed up fine, they look fantastic. I got 2 at once. Sterilized needle and everything. They were swollen for a week or so, but didn’t hurt.
    Haven’t regretted them so far. They don’t touch my teeth or gums unless i play with them.
    And the magical name for these two is: dolphin bites
    A picture for you all :

  124. codie Says:

    urrm basiclly i am just wondering what hurts more the top of ur lip or tthe bottom off ur lip and have u got eney ideas were i can get my lip pierced 2 in bristol please

  125. Ang Says:

    I had my labret for 16 years. I never played with it, had the shortest length possible…and now, I am facing false teeth. 90 % bone loss in the front bottom because of gum erosion. I LOVED my piercing, but it has damaged my mouth beyond repair. I’ve already lost one front tooth; another about to fall out. Think seriously about the long term effects, people. I wish I could still wear it; I had it so long that it had become part of me, and it’s still weird to look in the mirror and not see it. However, now that I am facing tooth loss and a $5000 dental bill, I realize that it probably wasn’t worth it.

  126. Dallas Says:

    I’m about to get my lower lip on the left side done for only 20$ at Lucy 13. I know a lot of people who dosen’t have nothing to say about it. Most of them done it them self and said that it dosen’t even hurt

  127. Kayla Says:

    I’m getting mine either tomorrow or the next day, I’m going to get mine in the side I the swelling gunna be just on the side I’m getting it on or my whole lip.?

  128. Kayla Says:

    I’m getting mine either tomorrow or the next day, I’m going to get mine in the side I the swelling gunna be just on the side I’m getting it on or my whole lip.?
    Email me at
    Thaaanks (:

  129. Emalee Says:

    HEY um… im thinking about getting my lip done on the bottem left side, should I do it? also My good friend Nathan< a guy, I told him to get snake bites should he do that? Im going to do it myslef if my mom says no!

  130. Cierra Hawkins Says:

    I am getting my lip pierced this weekend and i am so scared i was wandering does it hurt? bc i like so scared and does it look all bloddy and gross after wards?

  131. Cierra Hawkins Says:

    O and also how long does it take to heal and which is better ring or stud? also does it look bloody afterwards? I am 13 and getting it done this weekend im so scared

  132. Anonymous Says:

    i have my monroe i love it.
    let the haters hate

  133. Nakyla Says:

    WEll My mother said its all good if i get onee hahahaha And im only 13 LAla Soo Cool

  134. Shayna Says:

    I want my lip done…at school, but I’m afraid what my parents will say, because they won’t know.
    Anyway….I’m doing it with an earring…Is that safe?
    I mean, I’ve wanted it done for a while now…and I’m only 16! Anyway…let me know..

  135. Arty Says:


    Piercing your lip with an earring at school (!!!) is very painful and unsanitary. Besides there are numerous consequences you might suffer by getting lip pierced by a non professional like a pierced blood vessel or infection.

    Ask your parents about it, perhaps they will not object that you have a lip pierced as long as it’s safe, at a professional salon.

    Look, even having pierced a lip by a professional I still got it inflamed and rejecting the ring although I was very careful with it. Besides after six years I still have a visible puncture spot under my lower lip.

    I’d advice you to ask your parents or wait until you are old enough to go to a clean PROFESSIONAL salon for a lip piercing.

  136. The norwegian emo ! Says:

    Hey! i got my snake bites almost 3-4 weak ago.
    and i think my piercing is infected… i’m cleaning everyday, and use sea salt. but i think i know the reason to my snake bites are infected, cause i’m smoking, just a normal one, haha! but i have stop smoking now cause off my snake bites. i did know that’s was really stupid to smoke when i got my lip piercing… but i think it’s fine now, i don’t know.
    just for a weak ago, come out some yellow disgusting from my lip piercing. and is still a little bit now, and it’s not red around the piercing. ;3

    Please answer at the this email
    tanks! <3
    i'm a 15 years old girl from Norway,! haha!
    and i have 4 piercing and gonna have much more! ;D

  137. strega Says:

    It would be perfect if you could go to the local doctor, or at least a medical student. They know the basics and can advice stuff so the infection would go away. Sometimes piercings are just not accepted by your body. Or maybe the care needs to be more frequent. Take care, Norvegian emo girl!

  138. The norwegian emo ! Says:


  139. Scarlett Says:

    I want it pierced but I can’t have this one until I’m 18 and I’m not going to try to hide it since there’s no foolpoof method to hide this, I might get caught and plus the dentist would probably tell… However, due to genetic reasons I’m most likely going to have false teeth by the time I’m in my 40′s so I’m not too worried about this since I’m doomed anyways. The gum loss is disgusting though. But seriously. If you’re starting to notice your gums or your teeth changing or shifting, remove it immediately. That way, you can hopefully get it fixed and try again instead of pay for false teeth.

  140. Anonymous Says:

    i peirced my own last night twice and it seems fine . im just going to bring mouth wash every where i go !

  141. half speed master lp Says:

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    I mean, what you say is important and all. However think about if you added some great images or video clips to give your posts
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  142. destinie Says:

    I was thinking about getting the bottom of my lip pierced, but I don’t know if it will look right on me so how can I tell? and which side should I get it on? it would be my first lip piercing too.

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