MAC Holiday Collections

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MAC Holiday Collections

MAC has released two Holiday collections recently. They are pretty extensive so you could prepare for Halloween and Christmas. The first collection is called MAC Venomous Villains, which features Disney’s infamous villains like Evil Queen from Snow White and Cruella De Vil. The collection’s hues are perfect for creating Halloween makeup. The second collection is called MAC Tartan Tale featuring different shades of tartan.

MAC Holiday Collections

Both collections are extensive and feature various products that are just right for creating an unforgettable image. MAC Holiday Collections include sets of eyeshadows, lip gloss, lipsticks, mascaras, powders and nail polishes. Hues are rich and fresh as well as the packaging.

MAC Holiday Collections

MAC Venomous Villains collection’s packaging features Disney villains while MAC Tartan Tale is packaged in tartan-printed boxes and kits. MAC Venomous Villains collection is already out and MAC Tartan Tale is due October 28th in US and Canada, and due November 2010 in the world.

MAC Holiday Collections

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