Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013 Collection

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Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013 Collection

Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013

Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013 collection is built around bright lip color and perfect complexion. To help create such a Spring-like look the brand released a collection of Rouge Éclat Lipstick in fifteen shades and a limited edition powder Face Palette made of a mix of powders that give skin glowing yet matte look. Also for the lips there are two shades of Prodige Lip Gloss in limited edition Vibrant Rose and Water Lily while for the eyes there is an Iris Blossom Eye Quartet Mineral Palette.

Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013 Collection

At Clarins, Paris, delicate spring colors are cropping up. Lips whisper youth with an age-defying lipstick. Skin gets a petal-fresh finish. Eyes seduce in incurably romantic hues of iris blossom.

Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013 Collection

Rouge Éclat Lipstick is described by Clarins as “age-defying” thanks to a composition of waxes and protective ingredients.

The first age-defying lipstick by Clarins offers more than just vibrant colour! An innovative combination of 100% plant waxes – mimosa, jojoba and sunflower – and unsaponifiables of cocoa. Phytosphingosine reinforces the skin’s protective barrier, protects against dehydration, boosts collagen synthesis and fights the appearance of fine lines.

The lipstick comes in the following shades:

  • Nude Rose
  • Sweet Rose
  • Petal Pink
  • Tropical Pink
  • Pink Berry
  • True Aubergine
  • Red Wine
  • Coral Pink
  • Juicy Clementine
  • Pink Fuchsia
  • Passion Red
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Woodrose
  • Chocolate Rose
  • Nude Caramel

Clarins Rouge Éclat Spring 2013 Collection

Iris Blossom Eye Quartet Mineral Palette consists of two color base colors, a taupe and iris plum, a liner color in black with silver pearls and an illuminator in luminous white.

The collection is full of beautiful bright lip color which is one of the Spring’s 2013 biggest beauty trends. Red, orange and hot pink are the main colors but in the collection there are also more subtle hues as well as lip gloss for even more subtle lip color.

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