Chanel Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

Chanel Christmas 2011 Collection inspired by sparkly jewelry belt comes in gold and red palette that can be used to create beautiful party looks. Lip glosses and shadows are offered in a wide variety of hues.

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Chanel Christmas 2011 makeup collection Les Scintillances de Chanel was inspired by Chanel‘s jewelry belt designed in a Baroque-style. Offering a gold/red palette the collection puts accent on the lips – there is a range of rouge lipsticks and lip glosses. And there are basic black gray shadows with gold and brown sparkly shades.

Chanel Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

The collection has a sparkly red Rouge Carat nail polish to match lipstick shades with. Ligne Extreme eyeliner comes in two shades for a dramatic look – black and yellow orange.

Chanel Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

There are also two kinds of powder a highlighting one and the loose powder that gives a natural finish. The collection also offers a kit of 6 essential minimized brushes for applying foundation, powder, concealer, lipstick as well as a brow, and angled brushes.

Chanel Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

Glossimers come in a variety of hues from pale beige to dark red and brown. The shades come in amethyst, sand, ebony, ivory and many other hues.

Chanel Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

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Chanel Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

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