5 New Awesome Ways To Wear Classic Black Eyeliner

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Black eyeliner doesn’t go out of fashion. For the last few decades it only grew bigger as a beauty staple and a must-have in every collection of every brand. It’s versatile and can be used to enhance your makeup as well as create it entirely on its own.

We keep seeing new eyeliner ideas every fashion week but not all of them are wearable in a daily life. But if you want to spice up your cateye there are a few ways to wear black eyeliner without looking like a fashion model after a fashion show who didn’t have time to wash her face.

5 Fresh Takes on Classic Black Eyeliner

Just Cavalli ss 2015

These couple of seasons prepare to rock half of your usual camouflage. The undereye wing that doesn’t meet the inner corner of the eye is a certain way to standout without doodling on half of your face.

Double eyeliner

Double lines may not be new but aren’t that prevalent. Make them happen by toning down the scale and voila, double expressive eyes.

Black eyeliner

An unfilled or a half filled wing makes for a beautiful outline on your upper lid. You can use eyeshadow to half fill the wing or use eyeliner of another color to accentuate it.

Blunt eyeliner

Can’t draw beautiful flawless wings? Try blunt eyeliner that is also great at accentuating eyes but isn’t that demanding in terms of skil. It’s not the best way to accentuate small droopy eyes though.

Black and glitter eyeliner

Black eyeliner doesn’t have to be pitch black. Glitter or shimmeing black is a great way to rock this couture Chanel look everyday combining the two (black liner and gliter) in one thus toning it down.

What do you think about updating your black eyeliner? Are you feeling adventurous or will you be sticking with what works?

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