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Joe Manganiello from True Blood series has landed on the cover of the Men's Health magazine for July 2013! In the accompanying interview he reveals his workout secrets and his role model identity.
There is a wide variety of makeup products that can help your body be perfect!
Learn how to hide the facial scars with these easy tips!
Learn how to pin down the lacquered red lips look with these ideas.
Learn about various side effects that can be produced by various makeup products and how avoid these troubles.
Learn the ultimate secrets of applying perfect makeup for any occasion with these simple 9 tips.
Britney Spears appears on the cover of Shape magazine for June 2013. Besides lookin rather slim, she reveals her workout secrets and the key to dieting.
Elsa Pataki has appeared on the cover of Women's Health magazine for June 2013, where she reveals her family life and workout secrets.
Green Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick Christmas Makeup

Green Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick Christmas Makeup »

Christmas is soon and we are searching for the best looks to make your look dramatic and memorable for both you and your surroundings.

30-11-2015 | Read Full Article
Grey Lipstick Is Cool And Trendy

Grey Lipstick Is Cool And Trendy »

Embrace unnatural lip color with a velvety grey lipstick trend as it spreads among Pinterest girls as another alternative to red or dark lipstick.

28-11-2015 | Read Full Article
Holiday Makeup Tips

Holiday Makeup Tips »

  Gold Leaf Makeup Shimmer Lipstick Holiday Makeup How to Wear Blue Lipstick

28-11-2015 | Read Full Article
Beauty Innovations

Beauty Innovations »

Freckle Stencils Spray Manicure

28-11-2015 | Read Full Article
3 Ways To Lose Thanksgiving Dinner Weight

3 Ways To Lose Thanksgiving Dinner Weight »

Thanksgiving sets the Christmas countdown but it doesn’t mean you can be festive with your diet every day. Instead of waiting for New Years to make that weight resolution and struggle to keep with it do some damage control today instead.

27-11-2015 | Read Full Article
How To Wear Blue Lipstick

How To Wear Blue Lipstick »

Blue lipstick is bold and daring but Rihanna shows it’s not just for Halloween. Can you pull it off? Well, here are a few tips for those who want to but hesitate to try.

25-11-2015 | Read Full Article
Best Beauty Looks From AMAs 2015

Best Beauty Looks From AMAs 2015 »

Yesterday celebs have gathered at the AMAs to dance, sing, and present and receive awards. The red carpet was the more interesting part though as Gwen Stefani, Jenner sisters, and Demi Lovato went out of their way to bring some glam for the occasion. AMAs 2015 Beauty Gwen Stefani looked amazing as usual. Her blonde […]

23-11-2015 | Read Full Article
Gold Leaf Makeup Ideas

Gold Leaf Makeup Ideas »

Gold leaf is beautiful and festive. It is also very versatile and can be used in hair and makeup. Here are some ideas on how to use it in makeup.

21-11-2015 | Read Full Article
Hair of Gold: Holiday Hair Ideas Galore

Hair of Gold: Holiday Hair Ideas Galore »

Gold leaf is so glam it is impossible to pass up on this reccuring hair trend that makes any hairstyle look red carpet-worthy.

20-11-2015 | Read Full Article
5 Easiest Holiday Manicure Ideas

5 Easiest Holiday Manicure Ideas »

Make holiday nails festive easily. There are many ways to decorate your nails without the garish nail art or any advanced skill.

19-11-2015 | Read Full Article
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